Facebook’s Idiot Algorithms Strike Again

Incredibly, because I mocked Trump’s lies, FB blocked me for publishing information that could endanger people lives with COVID infection: namely, Trump’s lie that COVID was a hoax.

I’ll be back on FB on August 1. Dumb, stupid Facebook.


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  1. There is one of the reasons I do not have Facebook. The other is my life is so uninteresting there is nothing exciting to share – my breakfast is cereal, coffee and toast.

    1. If I was on FB – and I’d rather hang myself – I’m sure reading your breakfast stories would at least be harmless.

  2. I deleted my account within this past month. I just couldn’t take FB anymore, how divisive it has become, how good Protestant and Catholic friends who are otherwise sensible people cannot see past this buffoon they voted in for president. My poor angst-ridden, angry self, just could not handle one more day of it. And poof, it was gone after 12 years.

  3. Ugh. I’m so sorry, brother. Call me and we can commiserate over FB’s idiocy or, if you prefer, just have a good chat. Love to you and Janet!

  4. Facebook is a waste of time. I feel smarmy every time I peek at it. Instagram is better. Initially I made the Instagram account to spy on my kids. It’s funny and less ranty. I highly recommend following “Animals doing things”. Hilarious.

    The less I see of the bully president, the better. He really brings me down. My mother has a picture of him and Melania on her fridge with a vomit-worthy message about how PERSECUTED he is, (and to please send $$ to his campaign.) I almost ripped it down, but overcame the urge. I think I’ll just sneak over there tonight and draw on a little black Feurer mustache.

    1. Fuhrer dammit. I knew that looked wrong.

      Btw, I tried to cure my WordPress problem, so they’d stop saying I don’t exist, and won’t let me press the star (by creating a new account), and it tricked me into making a darn blog. I do not want to have my own blog. Sheesh, what the heck.

    2. I purposely made my Instagram page a “politics-free zone”. Everything else is just saturated with it.

  5. Eliminating Facebook altogether would be a significant step forward for the humanity. It is our collective picture of Dorian Gray. Can’t understand why anybody participates in it.

      1. I’m sorry, it was more of a rhetorical statement. Facebook is a mirror of the sinfulness that we’re all trapped in, and why we need a redeemer.

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