Since We Had Such Fun with St. Thomas Aquinas Last Week…

…I thought it would be good to have a Thomist back again to nourish mind and soul with another interesting discussion.

Today, Fr. Edward Krasevac, OP tackles the question of whether Thomas’ conception of natural law is primarily a theological or philosophical concept. Some eager souls, particularly in the Catholic apologetics community, want to claim it is primarily a philosophical conception, in part because they are worried about getting gunned down by those who say, “Ah ha! Theology! Then it’s just your religion’s imaginary junk and not anything anybody outside your Church cares about!”

Fr. Krasevac isn’t worried about winning and losing arguments so much as about getting the reality of things and being accurate about it. So argues that natural law is, in fact, a theological concept primarily and lets the chips fall where they may. I love the cool Dominican approach to argument, which is about getting at the truth, not about beating an opponent.


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