Pedro Gabriel on the Sacramental and the Fallen

Pedro Gabriel discusses this–and beautifully–here. It is no coincidence that he is a doctor who likewise deals with the frailties of mortal flesh every day:

I’ve been saying for some time now that the big difference between the Pope and his hyper-righteous enemies among the Greatest Catholics of All Time is that he has spent an awful lot of time in the confessional practicing the Church’s ancient and wise “one small step at a time” approach with frail sinners, while the Righteous Puritans who hate him see diagrams, not humans being, and believe man was made for the law, not the law for man.


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  1. Jesus told sinners „Go and sin no more”, but He didn’t add: „Oh, and here’s a laundry list of the sins you need to stop committing or else you’re not worthy of God’s love to you and you lose divine favor”, it’s quite clear He only focused on some specific sin that had the greatest impact on the sinner.
    Dealing with other vices comes in due time.

    On the other hand, Apostle Paul notes he has his own personal problem with some specific sin and this serves to remind him of man’s fallen nature and how we’re never completely free from sin in this life.

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