Here’s a fun interview I did about two years ago

This is an episode of “Dorothy’s Place” (named for Dorothy Day and hosted by my friend Elias Crim) that was recorded just a week after the January 6 riot on the very day, as it happens, that I published “Mea Maxima Culpa” and declared my repentance for helping create, break with, and rejection of a US MAGA antichrist religion posing as the Faith, but at war with Holy Church, the Magisterium, and the Pope. We had a very enjoyable conversation. I had totally forgotten about this interview until it was brought to my attention recently. I think you’ll have fun listening:


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  1. I remember when you wrote the article. I hadn’t listened to the interview before though.

    I will submit to you this: just like your entry into the Catholic Church was a result of you trying to be the best Evangelical you could possibly be, for many of us, becoming atheists was a result of trying to become the best Christians we could be.

    Ironically enough, we often get accused of leaving Christianity behind because “we just want to sin”, when:
    a. The truth is the exact opposite, and
    b. If we really “just wanted to sin”, then clearly, remaining a Christian is not an impediment to that; if anything, its the perfect cover.

    Point is, that even though you and I have come to different conclusions regarding Catholicism and Christianity at large, we’ve arrived to where we’re at by following our conscience to the best of our ability; as a result, there is a lot of overlap and we can see eye to eye on many issues that fall under Catholic Social Teaching. However, that’s not the sense I get from the right-wing.

    The impression I get from most of these conservative Christians, is that they just want to be on the winning side and they think they figured out an angle to get on the inside, so to speak. So its no wonder that they heap the most brazen and insincere flattery upon Trump; its very likely the same way they view God.

    They probably view him as a complete monster as well.

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