Those to Whom Much is Given, Much Will Be Required

Now and then I get comments from people who I wish could meet each other, because they are talking to each other, but in separate conversations where they never see each others’ remarks. So, for instance, last week, I shared part of David French’s powerful indictment of the utter failure of the MAGA “prolife” movement […]

Catholic Faith vs. MAGA Antichrist Religion

MAGA antichrist religion declares “If you oppose white supremacy, you oppose Catholic morality” and then wonders why Normals are scandalized by how the MAGA cult perverts the Faith. There is no idea so mad but that some philosopher has said it. Relatedly, the Tradition rejects an insular, navel-gazing, self-absorbed Church. On the contrary, “The Church […]

On the Conversion of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Three things are too wonderful for me;    four I do not understand: the way of an eagle in the sky,    the way of a serpent on a rock,the way of a ship on the high seas,    and the way of a man with a maiden. (Proverbs 30:18-19) Last week, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim-turned-atheist writer (and bitter critic of […]

David French Nails the Faustian Bargain of the “Prolife” Cult of Death

Failing to learn the lesson of the temptation of Christ when he was promised all the kingdoms of the earth, of Gollum’s and Boromir’s seduction by the One Ring, and of half the Twilight Zone episodes ever made, the “prolife” move whored itself out to the biggest con man in American history with the promise […]

Michael Lofton is a Sensible Guy

Overlook the lurid title of the video. He deals well with the facts about a sect that very literally regards those they hate as “vermin” (a favorite term of Bp. Strickland’s Golden Boy, James Altman, as well as of his hero Donald Trump): The Reactionary sect of Francis haters do all in their power to […]

On the Dreaded One World Government

Over on Twitter, one of the countless Catholics getting their theology from Evangelicalism, Libertarianism, and sundry Left Behind novels instead of the Church expressed an extremely common American conservative Christian anxiety about Pope Francis sacking Bp. Strickland: An enormously common fear, born in the heartlands of the Confederacy and metastasizing into American Catholic ecclesiology, is […]

Bp. Strickland Gets the Sack

Those forced to follow the odious thing called “ecclesial politics” will note that Bp. Joseph Strickland, easily the worst bishop in the US Church, got relieved of his post in the diocese of Tyler, Texas this past weekend. That doesn’t mean he is not a bishop anymore, still less that he is laicized or excommunicated. […]

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day

The War After the War by Debora Gregor for Greg Greger I Where were the neighbors? Out of town?In my pajamas, I sat at my father’s feetin front of their squat, myopic television,the first in our neighborhood. On a screen the size of a salad plate,toy airplanes droned over quilted fields.Bouquets of jellyfish fell: parachutes […]