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There are deeply pious, intensely scrupulous, and often OCD-afflicted people who, through no fault of their own, struggle grievously over profoundly unimportant

…who creates Strandbeests (Dutch for Beach Animals). Check out his amazing work!:

Hall. Virginia Hall

I am simply repeating this story verbatim from the Facebook page where I found it. Very cool. She was repeatedly rejected, belittled,

…the almost-forgotten Black American version of Fr. Arizmendi, the founder of Mondragon: Parishioners in rural Kaplan, La., just west of Lafayette, must

A reader writes: This article gives me a lot of empathy for people, especially older people who have been sucked into the

A good-hearted reader writes: Enclosed is a good article from Peggy Noonan on why she left the GOP, but wants to see

On this Memorial Day, it is fitting to honor the courage and sacrifice of ever person who has ever laid down his

As we are busy savoring Paradise on the Sound, I leave you this lovely piece by Laura Veirs, which will forever be

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