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Devil Talk, Part 2

Continuing from yesterday, we continue our look at John 8:44 and the Evangelist’s use of the Old Testament in teaching about the

Devil Talk, Part 1

Since it is Lent and the Church’s readings are more Johannine than usual this time of year, and since the purpose of

Now and then, in the beginning, some of their writers were capable of turning the lingo of American Evangelicalism into genuinely funny

Yesterday’s piece was relatively easy to write since it was automatically organized for me by the CDF, to which I was responding.

C.S. Lewis had a wise policy. He always resented officers who stooped down to instruct enlisted men on struggles they themselves never

One of the curious features of the MAGA Freak Show is that it constantly looks to rich white cowards who know nothing

…was held at Sacred Heart parish in Racine, Wisconsin this past Saturday morning and Yr Obdt Svt was asked to give the

I am so grateful when Steve does all my homework for me. He writes: APOSTASY? HERESY? AUTOMATIC EXCOMMUNICATION? NOT BEING A (PRACTICING)

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