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The advocate of Modernist Jesus asserts that the historical Jesus would be appalled: 3. That the gospel says his death solved the

Continuing from yesterday, the critic of MAGA antichrist Jesus asserts of historical Jesus: 2. That a religion was formed to worship his

…compared with actual passages from the primary source documents from which we derive everything we actually know of what the eyewitnesses of

The Latest Real Jesus

Long ago, I wrote the following piece, which I share again because of a series I plan to start tomorrow: Here’s an

…and that includes right wing Catholic media. Don’t fall for the hype. Take, f’rinstance, the claim that the Church is overrun with

One of the things societies organized around the defense of evil often do when they lose a war is try to salvage

Following up on what we discussed yesterday, it is more than a waste of time: it is counter-productive for Christians to chase

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