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I am so grateful when Steve does all my homework for me. He writes: APOSTASY? HERESY? AUTOMATIC EXCOMMUNICATION? NOT BEING A (PRACTICING)

I have loved this film all my life. One of the greatest ever made.

…has been the disastrous rise of what I call the “counter-revolutionary priest”. That is, the priest who sees himself as the Savior


Hey! Imma be the keynote speaker at this conference on Saturday morning and you can join for free! Be aware all times

Exhibit A: Note the strategy: Because, in fact, America is not silent. Far more people care about abortion than cared about the

So I’ve been reading the Bible for a long time–like 42 years or so. I’ve read the gospels more times than I

…on The Church’s Best-Kept Secret! He also has a blog for all those interested in Catholic School Matters.

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