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One of the things societies organized around the defense of evil often do when they lose a war is try to salvage

Following up on what we discussed yesterday, it is more than a waste of time: it is counter-productive for Christians to chase

Proud of my bishop: As near as I can tell, there is no actual document, just a decision to write something (or

Here’s a recent piece I wrote for The Catholic Weekly in Oz: “Are you a Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty

The name says it all: weekly plays filled with technical difficulties and glitches that are the funniest thing on the BBC. Enjoy!:

…is told in these two tweets. The first one is joyous and without bitterness by the power of the Holy Spirit: The

Back in April, Jon Batiste won the Oscar for the score to Soul. He is one of the sunniest people I know

About a decade ago, I went to confession for the umpteenth time for a sin I had struggled with for years: gluttony.

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