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Every time there’s an Election, a priest or two pop up to give a homily or make a video that rings the

The MAGA Cult loves eisigesis, the hell bent of leather habit of taking a single text and torturing it till it says

Archbishop Paul Etienne (pronounced “HN”) writes about Pope Francis’ recent remarks on civil unions: Due to an unprecedented amount of press coverage

Part 1 of this five part podcast can be found here. We had an uproarious time that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning

Abby Johnson writes on Facebook: Why is the prolife movement expected to pick up and take on every single societal ill that

A Debate to Start Your Week

Drs. Sam Rocha and Carson Holloway debate the merits of having a decent, competent human being or a traitorous sociopathic criminal moron

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the “Rutabaga Boogie”! I would have given you something else, but… you know… rutabagas can’t be

He is making these for his fellow Evangelicals, but much of what he has to say is perfectly applicable to conservative Catholics

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