Catholics Aren’t Disappointed–They’re Exasperated

Last week, I noted that the biggest enemies of the Church are the right wing bigots at war with Pope Francis and in love with the racist, intellect-hating, Mammon-worship MAGA antichrist cult represented by such figures as Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene. I noted that there used to be a time where such self-identified “Faithful […]

Now That Roe is Gone, the Main Task Will be To Defend Women from the Crazy

The basis of a healthy defense of the human person from conception to natural death is what it always was: seeing the dignity of the lives of all human being, made in the image and likeness of God and intended for glory through the risen Christ. The trouble is that MAGA antichrist religion has no […]

I wrote a piece on healthy vs. diseased patriotism

…for the Fourth. Here it is, in US Catholic: With some people, patriotism has fallen on hard times. A man I know summed up the view of many when he declared unequivocally that patriotism simply cannot be squared with the Christian faith at all. In his view, all patriotism is idolatry, and Christians are morally […]

As we approach the Fourth of July…

I am reminded of Benjamin Franklin’s reply to the woman who approached him as he was leaving the Constitutional Convention. She asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” He replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Our Republic is currently in the gravest danger it has been in since the Civil War, […]

What the Cult Actually Will Do

As we discussed yesterday, the people who are saying the MAGA cult means to now, at last, get to work on that world “for the children” they have fought every step of the way while pretending to “focus on abortion” are simply delusional. Here’s what you will never see next January: A March for Life […]

“Roe is dead! Now we have to get to work!

I’m seeing comments all over the web like this: “We pro-life people now need to work to create the conditions where life can flourish, which means certain social guarantees, including healthcare, decent employment, education (through graduate school), housing, nutrition, freedom from war, and a safe and pollution-free environment.” The fatal word in this is “now”. […]

Answering a Recurring Question/Accusation

A reader writes: “Mark, I ask you this with all due respect. Are you really suggesting that the Pro Life movement did the wrong thing in fighting to get Roe overturned?” I appreciate the courtesy of this question. As I will discuss in a moment, not every reader is courteous, or even bothers to ask. […]

Thoughts on the Death of Roe

My prediction is that abortion rates will remain steady nationally (since women in red states will go to Blue ones or attempt to use abortifacients themselves). That will lead to higher maternal mortality rates in Red States. This will absolutely happen if (as seems quite possible) the GOP takes control of the Legislative branch and […]