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Today we’ll take a look at St. Thomas on Disagreement, courtesy of Dr. Margarita Vega:

Continuing from yesterday… *** The other two places the Ascension is recounted as a story and not simply assumed as the backdrop to a discussion about something else is in Luke and its companion volume, Acts.  It is worth noting the distinction between how Luke

I thought I would offer a quasi-novena of posts on the Ascension, a neglected facet of New Testament theology that is nonetheless an important aspect of Christian faith (important enough to be mentioned in the Creed). By “quasi-novena” I mean I am posting my draft

It says so, right here on the Internet itself! So it must be true, right? No. They are not. One of the countless evidences of this is the fact that no tree has published a study demonstrating that humans have evidence of intelligence comparable to

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