The Church’s Best-Kept Secret: A Primer on Catholic Social Teaching


The Church’s Best-Kept Secret is a short primer which lays out the basics of Catholic social teaching in a way accessible to the ordinary Catholic as well as to any other person of good will attempting to grasp this often profoundly misunderstood area of Church doctrine and practice.

Written in everyday language for the non-scholar, The Church’s Best-Kept Secret concisely describes the roots of Catholic social teaching in Scripture and Tradition and gives simple, practical examples of how it works in ordinary life. Sketching the meaning of the Dignity of the Human Person, the Common Good, Subsidiarity, and Solidarity, this book bridges the gulf in our politics and cultural warfare to make the case that Catholic Social Teaching, properly understood, is common sense, as well as the path to living a happier and more just common life for each human person.

Check out some brief samples of the book in the blog:
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

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