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I thought I’d share a little conversation I had a year or so ago with an atheist friend I’ve come to love

I will be reading chapter of A Christmas Carol through every Sunday of Advent. Enjoy!

My Advent present to my loved ones–and to my readers. It starts today and I will do the remaining four staves on

that normally accompanies Thanksgiving, I thought I would offer this reflection by one of the most grateful mystics who ever lived–G.K. Chesterton–on

Tinner-Williams is a young Black seminarian and convert from Evangelicalism. Dorothy’s Place is a podcast dedicated to living the Faith in the

Please Help Ntege’s Orphans

Please be as generous as you can and help keep these orphans’ bellies full and a roof over their heads! The need

He’s a sane priest in the diocese of Bathurst in Australia. Thanks to the miracle of digital technology, I was able to

I first noticed it with gun violence. It was like clockwork. A massacre would happen and Normals would respond normally, asking “Dear

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