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Two Items for a Saturday

First, this tonic for those being gaslit by MAGA liars that anybody but themselves is responsible for the treasonous riot and assassination

Over on the Book of Face, a friend of mine quoted a passage from C.S. Lewis that I generally agree with: Of

I had a conversation recently with a graduate of Franciscan University. Before it became more or less a full-time hatchery for MAGA

Mea Maxima Culpa

I’ve been praying about this for some time and the events of last week finally compelled me to write this. It’s not

This is what the monstrous butchers in the MAGA “prolife” Cult of Death love, not the unborn. You won’t hear these sadists

Let’s quickly recap the facts surrounding his terrorist assault on the United States of America, both to recall the truth and dispel

One final point is worth noting about this part of the Creed:  There is a whole lifetime crammed into the space after

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