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About a decade ago, I went to confession for the umpteenth time for a sin I had struggled with for years: gluttony.

Over on the Book of Face, I posted this cartoon with some commentary: To my amusement, various folk replied. One wrote: “Yeah,

He writes over on the Book of Face: Prediction: Tim Scott or Nikki Haley is the Republican nominee in 2024. You’re dreaming.

Saturdays are good days for exploring all the features of your new teleportation device.

We clearly see, and on this there is general agreement, that some opportune remedy must be found quickly for the misery and

Here is some all-too-typical rhetoric from an ordinary prolife apostolate: 2019 was the Year of Infanticide in the United States of America. Never before

Libertarianism is nothing but an ideology that aims to use the power of the state to protect the powerful from the demands

Here is a taste of a recent piece I wrote for the Catholic Weekly: What does it mean that Jesus is really

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