Tolkien on The Lord of the Rings as a Story About Grace

This little series on Tolkien has been fun to write, not least because it has put me in contact with stuff I have never read before (like the obscure 1966 newsletter Jonathan Poletti insists Christians must be desperate to bury), has sent me off to find cool stuff on Tolkien’s real (and perfectly Catholic) speculations […]

Finishing up the argument about Tolkien

Jonathan Poletti keeps demonstrating his Fundamentalist atheism with his scattershot bill of charges again Tolkien attempting to prove that he was not a Real Catholic[TM], many of which are frankly funny to anybody with even a passing familiarity with ordinary Catholic life. For instance: He’d speak of his dislike of most priests. This is adorable. […]

Continuing our Look at Tolkien

Having begun with the attempt to debunk the idea that J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings has anything whatever to do with Tolkien’s Christian beliefs, Jonathan Poletti is forced by the facts to misread both the Christians he accuses of misreading the text, then the Lord of the Rings itself, and finally to simply […]

More on the Christian nature of Tolkien’s Legendarium

Continuing our discussion from yesterday of Jonathan Poletti’s Fundamentalist atheist take on Tolkien (“No, Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” isn’t Christian”) we find Poletti’s eagerness to assume malicious dishonesty on the part of Christian readers is remarkable, as can be seen in this surprising claim that general Christian ignorance of an incredibly obscure interview […]

In Honor of Bilbo and Frodo’s Birthday…

…I thought it worthwhile to indulge my love of Tolkien and have an argument as the Man himself might have done down at the Bird and Baby over a pint.  The piece I am rebutting is quite lengthy, but it has some interesting parts (notably an interview with Tolkien published in an utterly obscure typewritten […]

Your Seasonal Reminder that Christianity Is Not Warmed-Over Paganism

Every Christmas we are doomed to hear from this year’s crop of internet-educated people that Christmas is “really” just the Winter Solstice. From this we are supposed to conclude that Christmas really only mattered to the early Church because of the Solstice, or something like that. Now if that is so, then the Summer Solstice, […]

Pope Francis Shines the Light of the Eucharist as the Reactionary Darkness Curses

One of the curious things about the function of the Magisterium is that, so far from running around excommunicating people as the popular notion goes or “cracking down” on everything and everybody, one of the primary things it has done over the ages is stop self-appointed gatekeepers from barring people they deem impure from grace. […]

To Lead the MAGA Antichrist Theopolitical Cult, You Need to Up Your Cruelty Game

The reason Donald Trump has been this popular with the MAGA Antichrist Cult… …is because he gave them moral and spiritual permission to be as selfish and cruel as they liked while still claiming God’s blessing for themselves. It’s really that simple. Being the most massively selfish figure in American political history, he told his […]