Vice Signalling

Over at The Catholic Weekly, we look at the flip side of virtue signalling, vice signalling: What I mean is that it is one thing to say somebody does good things to show off.  It is quite another to say that the good things are themselves bad things.  It is one thing to say that […]

Signaling Virtue versus Virtue

Over at The Catholic Weekly, I wrote a piece on the phenomenon of Virtue-Signaling, what it is and what it ain’t: Much is made these days of “virtue-signalling”. Most people, by “virtue-signaling”, mean more or less what Jesus is getting at when he says: “Beware of practicing your piety before men in order to be […]

On Humor, Part 2

Here’s another piece I wrote for The Catholic Weekly: Because humour is about incongruity, it has long been a tool for addressing the hypocrisy of the powerful.  In Scripture, humour, on the rare occasions it shows up, is typically the laughter of the underdog at the oppressor. For instance, Judges contains a fine scene of […]

On Humor, Part 1

Recently, I wrote for The Catholic Weekly: I think I have a pretty good sense of humour.  My wife tends to disagree.  I have a weakness for really dumb gags.  I mean really dumb.  The dumber the better.  Dumb as in this and this, and especially this. My wife is a very patient woman.  Also, that last link will never not be funny. […]

Be Confident in the Gospel

In a recent issue of The Catholic Weekly I wrote: I am uninterested in being either a good conservative or a good liberal. I want to further Catholic teaching. What actual Church teaching says is simple: human life is sacred from conception to natural death. The reason the Holy Father cares about climate change is […]

How Not to Evangelize

Here’s a piece I wrote recently for The Catholic Weekly: Here’s the story: “Catholic school students have been banned from wearing their school uniform at tomorrow’s climate strike event in Hobart. In making the ruling, Catholic Education Tasmania said the strike was ‘not an educational event’ and not part of the school curriculum. Executive director […]

Of Glasses Full and Empty

Here’s a recent piece I wrote for The Catholic Weekly in Oz: “Are you a Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty type?” is a common enough question. The Glass Half Full type is, depending on who you ask, either a warm-hearted optimist who sees the best in people or the Pollyanna fool who pretends […]

Here’s a little piece I wrote on the neglected Sacrament of Anointing

About a decade ago, I went to confession for the umpteenth time for a sin I had struggled with for years: gluttony. I had confessed it again and again, made a firm purpose of amendment — and gone right back out and fallen flat on my face. At the time, I weighed about 152 kilograms. […]

A Mind-Blowing Fact about the Incarnation

Here is a taste of a recent piece I wrote for the Catholic Weekly: What does it mean that Jesus is really human? We Christians believe, of course, that God the Son is the Word made Flesh. That is, he is not just fully God, but fully human with a fully human body, soul, mind, […]

Discover Our Best-Kept Secret

Here is a taste of part 2 of the series I am doing for the Catholic Weekly: Last time in this space, we looked at heresy and its modern manifestation, ideology. We noted that both of these phenomena are not so much lies as inflamed or cancerous truth. Somebody gets one single truth fixed in […]