Remember: Right Wing Media is a Lie Machine

…and that includes right wing Catholic media. Don’t fall for the hype. Take, f’rinstance, the claim that the Church is overrun with Catholics champing at the bit to excommunicate Biden: Conservative media was recently buzzing with headlines proclaiming that huge majorities of American Catholics think President Joe Biden, a Catholic, should be denied Communion because […]

On the Bishops, Biden, and the Eucharist

Proud of my bishop: As near as I can tell, there is no actual document, just a decision to write something (or talk about writing something?) that may or may not take up the question of denying communion to pols who uphold the abortion regime that is 100% the creation of GOP SCOTUS judges. Even […]

Women in Church Governance

Item: Pope Francis appoints six women to senior Vatican positions – a historic first Good. Competent women have a huge amount to contribute to the Body of Christ. I remember once when Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Cardinal Dolan remarked in some chat I saw on line that there is not a single theological reason in […]