The Provincial Postmodern

Yesterday we talked a bit about Paul in the context of first century culture and mores. What stands in the background of all such discussions is a fundamental difference I have with an awful lot of my contemporaries. In a word, I think an awful lot of them are both stunningly provincial and astonishingly ungrateful. […]

Things I Can’t Not See

Here’s a gorgeous wonder: I have never had sufficient faith to be an atheist. I think it takes titanic amounts of faith and will power to look at this world and say, “That was lucky!” I have always been a theist, even when I was not a Christian, because it has always seemed much simpler […]

A Mean Girl Meta-analysis

On Friday, we took a look at an attempted reply to my dissection of yet another “We have to focus on abortion and not listen to the rest of the Church’s teaching” plea (which, as ever, really meant “We need to burn up all our time and energy defending every lie, cruelty, assault on decency, […]

In Praise of Unquestioning Faith and Unthinking Obedience

One of the things that can instantly raise the hackles of post-moderns is the suggestion that critical thinking is anything other than an unalloyed good. The assumption which lies behind this comes, of course, from bitter experience, particularly the experiences of the 20th century where lack of critical thinking led to multiple bloodbaths. Many postmoderns […]

Performative Piety

Last week, I ran a post on the weirdness of appealing to super-duper superior Eucharistic piety while advocating pure selfishness and calling those who are not as selfish as the pious “cowards”. It is the weirdness that elevates such ritualism as communion on the tongue above the medical necessity of temporary communion in the hand […]

A Little Friday Meditation on the Demons

Item: Fun fact: Texas has half the population of Italy and twice the land. Unlike Italy, however, it has American health care and, above all, a GOP leadership of nihilist predators and a culture of “Screw you, I’ve got mine” that has managed to overcome Italy’s wussy Euroweenie Catholic and socialized medicine culture of consideration […]