It would be easier to build New New York in Antarctica than to colonize Mars

You don’t have to import your own atmosphere, for starters. And it’s warmer. This is one of the many reasons I don’t believe for a second that we are every getting off the earth as a species and that the dream of colonizing the stars is a misplaced eschatological fantasy for secularists looking for the […]

A while back I was kidding with Son Peter…

and asked what would happen if a Swiss Mad Scientist created an anti-Matterhorn. This got his Nerd Brain going. Eventually, he wrote me back: My calculations are that an antimatterhorn would be approximately on this level. A little bit bigger, but generally here. An enjoyable thought for a Saturday morning in July.

The Thomistic Surge Continues!

This Saturday we have Fr. Michael Dodds, OP (whose brother I know and lives near me) talks about Divine Action in an Age of Science. Some moderns will be surprised to learn that Dominicans see no big problem with reconciling evolution and creation.