Voting with the Mind of Christ #10: Final Comments

Abortion is not going to be outlawed. It’s just not. The fantasy that it will be has been dashed again and again–by Republicans–for forty years. So what can prolife Christians do in light of that fact? The first and most fundamental thing is simple: Repent and believe the Good News. Stop acting as if God […]

Voting with the Mind of Christ #9: Law Follows Culture and Culture Follows Cult

The Games in the arena at Rome were a venerable institution for centuries. They were going strong when Christianity was born. Indeed, brutal bloodsport was popular all over the ancient world (as Christians would experience in their flesh repeatedly over the centuries when the cry “Christianes ad Leones!” went up and they were killed for […]

Voting with the Mind of Christ #8: Seeking First the Kingdom of Heaven

The reason the prolife movement has become a heresy is that the bulk of “prolife” Christians, mostly white and conservative, have failed to trust Jesus and instead have come to believe they can only achieve their ends by law and force. They sense that they are living in a de-Christianizing culture and are struggling to […]

Voting with the Mind of Christ #6: What Are We Trying to Achieve?

Last week we looked at the core lie of the whole MAGA “prolife” argument: the claim that Trump is not only prolife, but The Most Prolife President in History. Both claims, as we saw, are rank falsehoods. The claim that the GOP–which is 100% responsible for the establishment (with Roe) and entrenchment (with Casey) of […]

Voting with the Mind of Christ #5: How Our Abortion Regime Works–And How it Doesn’t

Yesterday we noted that the Feds under Trump have raised Planned Parenthood funding to record heights, even as Biden is condemned for being “radically pro-abortion”. We also noted the many other ways in which Trump’s functional support for abortion and the GOP’s long history of dangling the carrot of Roe reversal makes clear that there […]

Voting with the Mind of Christ #4: On the Lie that Trump is Prolife

As we saw yesterday, the core lie of the MAGA “prolife” cult is the insistence that in this election we face the Manichaean choice between the Most Prolife President in History vs. a Monstrous Radical Pro-Abort who is just itching to kill as many babies as he can. For an awful lot of Catholics, this […]

Voting with the Mind of Christ #3: On the Myth of the Five Non-Negotiables

Josh Billings, as I said yesterday, remarked that the trouble ain’t what people don’t know. It’s what they know that ain’t so. Case in point, the other day somebody on Facebook was having a conversation about the possibility of voting for Brian Carroll of the American Solidarity Party. A pro-Trump woman chimed in and complained […]

Voting with the Mind of Christ #2: Dealing with Clerical Bullying

Catholics respect priests as a general rule. Most priests, in my experience, are humble, good, and gentle people who have genuinely sacrificed out of a desire to serve God’s people. Same for teachers, day care workers, etc. The trouble is the Watering Hole Principle. Why are there lions at watering holes? Because that’s where the […]