Finally, one of the core components of the MAGA Cult may be waking up


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  1. jj – the reason I leave these empty comments is that I mostly work by e-mail and, whereas with Patheos, you could just set it to e-mail comments, the only way I have found with WordPress is to put in a comment and tick ‘Notify me of new comments via email.’

    Explaining about the stupid ‘jj’ comments 🙂

      1. Alas, no. The subscription does give me e-mails about Mark’s posts – but to get e-mails about the comments, you have to make a comment. I do get an RSS feed for the comments, but haven’t time during a working day to keep looking at the feed on the browser. With e-mail, I can decide in one or two seconds whether the comment is one I want to look at, or just delete. But I know of no way to automate comment e-mails without making one.

        Hence my apology for the ‘jj’ ones 🙂

      2. Thanks! I’m looking at that now. Maybe it’s a lot easier than I thought – most things are 🙂

      3. Ah – cast down from the heights of expectancy!

        You don’t have any WordPress sites yet.
        Would you like to start one?

        It turns out that Mark can get notified of comments.


      1. It’s what people call me on the rare occasions when they don’t call me something less printable.

      1. There you go – a new way of ‘likeing’ a post. Maybe it’ll start a trend.

  2. PS – you can actually go to your login for each one and ‘follow’ – but making a quick comment is quicker!

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