Paradigm Shifting

All it took to get the MAGA antichrist cult to stop calling the Pandemic a hoax, marching on state capitols and threatening everybody with their guns for an end to the lockdown (so they could get their hair cut and buy even more guns), and blocking access to hospitals was a civil rights movement and the cold-blooded murder of a black man.

Suddenly, they care about the Pandemic and demand, “Why O why are these people protesting so-called ‘police brutality’ and murder gathering in huge crowds and spreading the Pandemic?”

The correct question is, “Why am I consistently defending evils that compel people with a conscience to risk their lives to protest them?”

You think these people want to expose themselves to COVID (unlike the reckless and selfish people who have lied themselves into believing it is a hoax)? These people know perfectly well the risk they are taking.

You, O MAGA cultist, are forcing them to take that risk. This is all on you.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week, and I was placing visiting a loved one who was dying of Covid in the same category, where I live, that was not allowed, and first off, its the same point you are making, which is some things are more important than getting sick or even dying, like love as an example, but I argued that the loved one that wanted to visit their sick, could have worn the same PPE that the nurses were wearing. So it didn’t even have to be either or, and that’s true of the protesters, I’ve actually noticed mostly everyone wearing masks and keeping distance, so I don’t expect a spike back, plus their outside.

  2. It’s amazing, watching people pushing reopening restaurants and so on because we’re safe from COVID-19 now *at the same time* that they are wringing their hands about the protests spreading COVID-19.

    1. I’m sure that a lot of people who sympathize with the protests refrained from going to them precisely because of concerns over the pandemic. So imagine, just how many more people would be in attendance otherwise?

      Unfortunately, these types of things are time-sensitive; if you don’t do them at the right moment, while the wounds are fresh and the public sentiment is on your side, then you can’t do them at all. And maybe you don’t think its worth it; after all, its not like this affects you in any way.

      But for the people involved, this is something that has been simmering for decades, and now it just boiled over. I’m sorry that other people’s claim for justice is inconvenient for you, but truth be told, for those wish to reject and ignore such claims, its never the right time.

    1. I’m curious how he knows about my house. Probably just stalking my Great Vermin War video. But of course, the only real purpose of the comment is the third grade insult.

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