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Saturdays are a good time for America’s finest civics teacher to fill you in on the conspiracy theory factory and disinformation freak show that is now Trump’s primary media diet and therefore the principal source of information for the entire MAGA Cult, which is about 40% of the American electorate.

For perspective, OAN makes FOX look like Pulitzer winners, and that is very very bad. Because Trump is teaching the Cult that only OAN can be truly trusted.

Just as the human body cannot have a diet that is forty percent sugar and salt and hope to avoid grave illness and death, so the body politic cannot treat an informational diet of lies and paranoid conspiracy theories with no basis in reality as revealed truth from Sinai and hope to avoid grave mental, moral, and spiritual illness and death. It’s up to Normals to be aware of this latest movement of the Enemy.

And by enemy, I mean powers and principalities and spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places, not mere mortals (Ephesians 6:12). Never forget. I am a Catholic first. This is primarily a spiritual battle–against Christ–not a political battle against Biden or Dems. And incredibly (at least to me) it is those Christians who twenty years ago were the loudest advocates of Sticking With the Holy Father and Anti-Cafeteria Catholicism who are now the proudest foes of the Holy Father and the biggest champions of paranoid lies and conspiracy theories. I will discuss this in more detail next week and why I think that for all the the politics of the thing, the core of it is (as all of human history is) the struggle for the soul of the Body of Christ and not the future of the entirely ephemeral United States of America.

But for the moment, this is sufficient to beguile a few minutes of your time, learn about the latest spiritual sewage delivery conduit and put a stopper in it:


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      1. We’ll have get the Prime Minister to open the borders for the lucky first Covid-infected tourist.

    1. John Oliver is a traitor to the crown and his show is not available in the Commonwealth.
      You’ll need to declare independence to enjoy it and it’s as good reason as any.

  1. Yah, OAN is the bottom of the barrel. But TV news in general is the worst possible way to be informed. See ref.:

    The Sinclair Corporation owns hundreds of local TV stations and dictates that they broadcast conservative propaganda word for word. And even apart from the Sinclair problem, many local stations have shoestring budgets and will cheerfully broadcast corporate propaganda as straight news, as long as it is handed to them prepackaged so they don’t have to spend anything developing it.

  2. Depressing… but catholics would certainly believe that transgender is a mental illness. And is why we should treat people with gender dysphoria with compassion, not ridicule or unjust discrimination.

    Pope Francis makes a connection between rejecting gender ideology and defense of the environment, both require “a moral law written into human nature itself”. It’s like if you think Trump is a terrible person and president, you must believe in gender ideology.

    1. Gender ideology is simply a nasty word this PR pope has invented to damn trans people with his own ignorance. There is no such thing as gender ideology…

      unless you want to count the purely Catholic/Christian ideology that people come in only male and female, which is simply not true, and heterosexual or gravely morally evil sinner, also not true. Actual gender ideology insists that gender– a psychological, sociological, anthropological construct– and what is between one’s legs– physiology– must always, always, always be congruent.

      As Mark always says, accusation is simply confession. And as I always say, accusation is simply projection. This is a time honored Christian pastime– an obsession with sex and sin to the exclusion of anything remotely resembling reality, understand, compassion, knowledge, or basic decency.

  3. Yah, OAN is the bottom of the barrel. But *any* TV news is the worst possible way to be informed, for two major reasons:

    1) Many local TV stations are on a shoestring budget and struggle to devote resources to news gathering. So when a corporation just gives them a propaganda video, prepackaged and pre-scripted, many stations will be sorely tempted to just run it as straight news.

    2) Hundreds of TV stations in the US are owned by one corporation, Sinclair Broadcasting. Sinclair routinely delivers prepackaged segments to those stations which they are all required to broadcast, delivering the script word for word.


  4. OK, I didn’t mean to post those videos twice. The first comment was “in moderation” for a full day and I finally gave up and posted again.
    The comment system here sucks.

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