A Reader Writes to Talk about Joe Biden

Sez he:

I’ve been following you for several years. I support your views and am very grateful for what you write. 

Thank you!

I am a Catholic and a Democrat. I will be voting for Joe Biden. I will be voting for Joe Biden as a vote against Donald Trump, that is all. I think he will be better for the United States than Donald Trump, but only marginally so I felt the same way about Hillary Clinton. 

I don’t know anybody who is thrilled with Biden particularly.  But compared with Trump he is Pericles. 😊 

I am begging you to watch this video because I believe it addresses some of the problems with the Democratic establishment.

I follow Kyle Kulinski frequently, and I believe he intelligently explicates the reasons for growing dissatisfaction with that establishment, especially among young people. Similar views are expressed on The Hill with Krystal Ball and Sagaar Enjeti, The Rational National, The Humanist Report, and, to some extent, Jimmy Dore, who is a looser cannon than the others I mentioned.

I have no idea who any of those people are, but I get the complaints about Biden and share many of them.  On the other hand, I note that Sanders is speaking with genuine praise for him and I begin to suspect that he may surprise us by being a better President than his detractors on the Left take him for.  Sanders remarked recently that he could be the biggest Progressive since FDR.  That gives me hope if for no other reason than that he will have a helluva lot of damage to repair after Trump.  But more than this, I think he has shown himself capable of doing something the Right Wing Freak Show is utterly incapable of: learning.  One of the reasons I oppose Cancel Culture is that it locks people into past mistakes instead of letting them change.  I think Biden is a different man than he was 30 years ago.  Not perfect, but better.  Whether he can break with corporatist Democrats remains to be seen (and I am skeptical).  But I’m willing to give him a chance.

Mostly though, I’m supporting him (as are you) because Trump, the GOP Crime Syndicate, and the MAGA Cult are the gravest threats both the US and the American Church have faced since the Civil War.  The harms the American conservative MAGA cult of antichrist worshippers Mammon, Mars, and Moloch have inflicted on the Church’s witness are beyond calculation.  Only God can heal the damage that Freak Show has done.

I know this is forward of me to just throw all this at you, but I am a Catholic who shares with you a concern for the implementation of the social doctrine of the Church, and who believes that the Democratic establishment, because of its enthrallment to corporatism is, although less of an impediment to that implementation than Republicans, an impediment nonetheless.

No argument from me.  I feel no need to defend Biden’s flaws.  It’s one of the core differences between a Catholic approach and a Right Wing MAGA cultist approach.  The MAGA Cult lied to itself that they would “hold Trump’s feet to the fire” and make him do their bidding.  In reality, what immediately happened was that they began defending every filthy lie, cruelty, abuse, incompetence and crime he committed, 24/7/365 and have done so from 11/8/16 to the present.  They have fallen deeply, madly in love with him.  He owns their prostituted hearts and are (as COVID demonstrates) willing to kill and die for him.  They don’t care what he says or does.  They love it all.

I don’t expect all that much from Biden, though I think him a basically decent man who will try to do his best.  That’s all I ask.  I oppose, as ever, his views on abortion.  I think going to war to make the Little Sisters of the Poor provide birth control is dumb.  But I also understand that since there is no prolife party, this is just mainstream politics and not the Great Tribulation that selfish right wingers want it to be so that they can focus self-pity.  So I can oppose him on this, but still grasp that compared to the torrent of evil Trump has unleashed while not doing a damn thing about the unborn the Cult pretends to care about, he will still be a vastly better president. And I begin to suspect that he may be a far better president than I had dared hope.

I am going to continue to send videos like this to you. Only blocking me will stop that. I believe they represent a perspective that those Catholics who have not jumped on the Francis-hating, Trump train may be open to hearing.

Okay.  Not sure why you think I’d block you. 😊

I will keep you in my daily prayers. I am reading your book about Mary, and it has been wonderfully informative.

Thanks!  I very much appreciate prayers, because I really need them.  Glad you like Mary, Mother of the Son.  My new book, The Church’s Best-Kept Secret:  A Primer on Catholic Social Teaching will be out in September/October from New City Press.  I think you will find it useful!  God bless your work in the Vineyard!


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  1. Nobody, but nobody is claiming that the Democratic Party is perfect, or that Joe Biden is the perfect candidate. I didn’t want either him or Sanders as the presidential nominee, because the last thing I think we need is another old white guy running the country. And I say that as an old white guy.

    But compared to what the Republican Party has been for the last 40 years, the Democratic Party is one step away from perfection. on every single measure, except for eroding the wall of separation between church and state with the idea of accruing more power, money, and religious dominion, the Democrats of been better. St. Ronnie damned the democrats for being tax-and-spend, but praised the republicans for being don’t tax but spend anyway. The democrats gave us a poor approximation of national health care, the republicans have done their best to take it away.

    Abortion being the sole measure of “morality”, while encouraging abortion by doing everything in their power to stop the things that lower abortion rates, has been the hallmark of the Republican Party for 40 years. From Nixon’s Southern Strategy to Jabba the Trumps Support for very fine people, The republicans have exploited racism for power, while the democrats have at least tried to purge it.

    Your correspondent’s reluctance to vote for Mr. Biden Based upon nothing at all, his reluctance to vote for Mrs. Clinton because of 30 years of unfounded calumny against her, are a good indication of his lack of clarity on the subject. What I notice is that if he didn’t mention his vote in the Obama years, but I suspect I know exactly whom He DIDNT vote for.

    1. We’re witnessing massive cult deprogramming on a national level. But it happens in small increments, baby steps. We have to be willing to meet them where they are until mental health and moral autonomy are restored.

    2. I’m the guy who wrote the email to Mark. I voted for Obama. Ever since I’ve been old enough to vote I’ve voted for Democrats. I have never voted for a Republican.

      Get over your bad self.

  2. We are not choosing between Biden and St. Michael Archangel. We are choosing between Biden and Pandemic Donald.

  3. Those people he mentioned make up a significant portion of the left-leaning YouTube media space. I’d add to that list The Young Turks, David Pakman and The Majority Report with Sam Seder. What’s notable about them is that they pull no punches when it comes to going after their own. If you’re looking for a substantive critique of left-leaning politics in the US, you will find it in non-mainstream left-leaning media.

    As for the election, the way I see it, we’re going to have a fight on our hands either way. So the question is: who would we rather have as our opponent, Biden or Trump?

    Honestly, I rather battle it out over policies that don’t go far enough than over getting the White House to even acknowledge the existence of the problem in the first place while simultaneously making it exponentially worse.

    1. It’s not my election, but the general principal’s the same in whatever country’s policies: if the choice is between “mediocre” and “slightly worse” then there’s an argument for voting for neither or a third party in the hope it will prompt more substantial change, even at the expense of “slightly worse” getting in. If the choice is between “uninspiring but at least normal” and “oh dear Christ no!” you hold your nose and vote for the least worse option, even if you don’t like him very much.

  4. Trump’s election brought to light how ugly we are and it now gives us another chance at reconciliation. Joe is familiar and that is an ok first step. His choice for VP is critical for this and the next election since he will only serve one term.

  5. As a gay man I 100% support Joe Biden. He was there for us when it came for same sex marriage. He was there for us when it came for a woman to have the right to control her body. Heck Biden even performed a same sex marriage ceremony.

    He is also a devout catholic. He understands that the “old time religion” is just a cover for the MAGA cult.

    Biden shows that you can be an orthodox catholic and a socially progressive person.

  6. As far as I’m concerned, elections are for the most part choosing your opponent, who you are going to fight against, the level of difficulty of the battle you are going to engage in.

    For me, that’s Biden.

    If he surprises me and is better than I think he’s going to be, great. All I expect with him is for him to be *less difficult* to accomplish things with than Trump.

  7. No place else to put it, so it goes here.

    There have been THREE federal executions this week after a hiatus of, i think, 17 years. Where is right to life Pence, Abbot, Kemp, deSantis, Ivey, Huckabee, Trump, Viganò, Dolan, Paprocki, or anyone else, apart from some of the regulars here

    1. Yes. And more. The son of the federal judge assigned four days ago to investigate Jeffrey Epstein and Deutsche Bank was gunned down and her husband wounded. Armed terrorists dispatched by the feds are attacking citizens, and is expected to spread nationwide tomorrow. Trump needs to be removed, period.

      1. It turns out that the guy that did it had a case in front of her. He was also a certified loon of the right wing variety. It may only be a coincidence that she is the one assigned to the Deutsche Bank case. On the other hand, it seems a rather nasty coincidence that a very suggestible crazy person did something very crazy.

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