On the Smearing of Gloria Purvis

One of the habits of American racists is to always make sure their victim is murdered twice.

For years, this has typically been done by means of the “S/he was no angel” tactic.

It works this way: A victim such as George Floyd is murdered by the cops, often in plain view of somebody with a camera where you can literally watch the killer kill his victim while he begs for his life.

Then some excuse (the victim had a drug record, or “resisted” being murdered, or was once arrested, or some other damnable smear) is put forward to say that the murder victim deserved to be murdered in cold blood by the cop.

The idea is that that the murder was really just justice catching up with the victim, who had it coming, because what imperfect person does not deserve cold-blooded vigilante murder, especially when brown? Had he not had those unpaid parking tickets or been caught with that doobie in his car five years ago or moved so fast in producing his concealed carry license, this killing might have been technically “murder”. But now we see that the cops who killed this victim were just doing the gritty work of frontier justice somebody has to do in the mean streets filled with such animals.

Case in point: Rod Dreher’s recent act of murdering George Floyd again.

Shorter Dreher: Terrified man expected to be killed and was killed. So it was his fault for being terrified and resisting being killed. What else could his murderers do but kill him?

Naturally, this was elaborated on even more crudely by Austin Ruse, professional “prolife” MAGA Qatholic:

Image may contain: text that says 'Austin Ruse @austinruse Replying to @moreywrites and @amconmag Everything you've been told about George Floyd is a lie. He was a drug addled skell who brought on his own death 10:16 AM 05 Aug 20 Twitter for iPhone'

What Ruse–a prominent figure in Opus Dei circles who is never ever challenged as a massive public scandal by his paymasters and enablers–means is that people with addiction issues deserve to be murdered by police, a remarkable position for somebody who professes to care about the “sanctity of human life”. It goes without saying that this does not apply to addicts like Rush Limbaugh but rather to brown people. Because, oh you know:


In addition to addiction issues meriting summary execution, the idea is to lie that a black murder victim was a) a chronically unemployed “skell” [Floyd had a job right up until he, like millions, lost it to COVID] and b) for this reason he also deserved to be murdered by police. He had it coming. He brought it on himself. He wasn’t murdered–and now let’s murder him again.

This pattern of murdering MAGA victims twice does not just apply to physical murder. It also applies to the murder of their reputation and good name too.

Case in point, the double murder of the good name of Gloria Purvis. Gloria, you may recall, was originally cancelled by the Guadalupe Radio Network, which distributed her show Morning Glory for EWTN.

The original excuse given by GRN was this:

During these last couple of weeks we have heard a “spirit of contention” growing among the Hosts live on-air. Yes, it is a difficult subject and can become a spirited one for sure. However, it has become more and more awkward and uncomfortable to listen to. Attached are 2 “sound bites” from shows that aired on June 17th, and June 25th. We feel it is clear that there is a real disconnect among the team, becoming more and more obvious, and we feel that should be addressed. We do not feel that this type of exchange is edifying, nor is it clarifying for anyone, especially a Catholic radio listener who wants clarity. You can hear the full shows for both June 17th and 25th at the following links https://www.ewtn.com/radio/podcasts/morning-glory-~HD.

“Spirit of contention” is, of course PiousSpeak for “being an uppity black woman”. The reason for this unjust reprisal was simple:

Never before have we received as many complaints about any EWTN show as we have about Morning Glory as of late. Our efforts to try and correct the situation before were not successful. So, we felt we had no other option other than to temporarily suspend airing this program.

The unfounded and uncharitable accusations hurled at GRN, without the facts, have been terrible. As you well know, Satan is the father of lies. Unfortunately, that is what is happening here in this situation – lies are being told, and spread around, on the internet about us. We hope you will help in sharing the true story!

Our decision to temporarily stop carrying the program was not made lightly but was made after a LOT of prayer. Again, it is our hope that the “Morning Glory” team will be able to come together to correct the contention of the show to be the program that we have always loved to air across the GRN.

In other words, their MAGA donor base demanded they shut down the uppity black woman and GRN cowardly complied, while whining that they were the real victims.

Gloria, who is nothing if not classy, gracious and deeply Catholic, responded with her customary grace and class to this outrageous unjust act of gutless cowardice:


That was a month and a half ago and GRN continues to punish her for being intelligent, classy, and perfectly right. Meanwhile, her cause continues to spread and the heat has gotten more intense on GRN suckupery to the MAGA cult as the NY Times does a piece on Gloria and the behavior of this miserable pack of cowards is expose to broad daylight.

So how does GRN react? By murdering her again, of course. Now, when challenged on their unjust treatment of Gloria, they don’t merely wave their hands about a vague “spirit of contention”. They declare that she is, in fact, “not even in alignment to Church teaching”:

Image may contain: text that says '11:41 Messages mobile. com Sprint PM 66% Toyaall tome, GRNONLINE Hillary, thank you for contacting the Morning Glory show. hope that the Morning Glory team EWTN come together to correct divisive tone the program taken. Attached official statement and couple from show that really are not even alignment to Church teaching. God bless and join us in this prayer please. "May the Lord bless you and keep you. Numbers Toya Vice President Guadalupe Radio Network'

Permit me to say loud and clear that this is an absolute lie. Not word she has said and not a thing she has done is out of alignment with the Church’s teaching. What is radically out of alignment with Church teaching is GRN bearing false witness against her in order to murder her reputation again with lies after having murdered it once with insinuations.

Now all that’s necessary is for the racist MAGA cult to back up GRN with more piling on, like this:

…and the whole “She’s no angel” character assassination strategy can go into high gear yet again as decent people supporting her somehow become a “mob”.

The thing is, that strategy doesn’t work as well as it used to, because decent people are on to it, call it out, shame it, and push back. Dreher got huge blowback for his smear of Floyd. Ruse only play in the dark corners of the increasingly crazy and dwindling readership of CRISIS!!!!. Meanwhile, Gloria Purvis continues to gain an audience while these white supremacists try to hide from disinfecting sunlight.

Learn to spot and call out this tactic on double murder beloved by the MAGA cult. Call it out whenever you see it. Help as many people as you can build antibodies against it. Don’t let the victims of this bullshit have suffered and died in vain.


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  1. “ As you well know, Satan is the father of lies. Unfortunately, that is what is happening here in this situation – lies are being told, and spread around, on the internet about us.”

    This is what happens when you have people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, but always need a scapegoat, preferably a cosmic one who is extremely remote and can’t defend himself. The use of the passive tense — “lies are being told“ – is very telling.

    Interesting philosophical dilemma here. On the one hand, you have people who claim to be holy and orthodox and special also claiming that the devil is responsible for everything. On the other hand, you have an alleged plot to destroy that holiness, and they claim that the OTHER people who claim to be moral are the responsible ones.

    On the other, other hand, Even though Ms. Purvis and i disagree- not that she knows or cares, or that it makes the slightest bit of difference— I’m actually on her side. Because I’ve been listening to the jackals attacking her attacking me and mine most jackally For 50 years, i know that their relationship to truth, honesty and compassion is, shall we say, a ruse?

    Interesting times. In his book of fables, Ambrose Beirce told the story of two dogs that were on a bridge, fighting over a bone. A sheep came by, and the dogs asKed the sheep to determine who should have possession of the bone. The sheep picked up the bone and tossed it over the side of the bridge into the river. “ why did you do that?,“ asked the dogs. “Because I’m a vegetarian.”

    In this case, a vegetarian has very little to do with actual vegetables. Certainly not these: 🍆🥕🥥🥝🍌, or even these food items🍩🦪

    if you want to reduce abortion, if that truly is the worst possible thing you can imagine, then there is no way not to support birth control, family planning, sex education, pre- and post natal care. “Just say no” has never ever worked in the history of the world.

    But imma gay atheist, so what do i know?

    1. Ben,

      I can relate to why you have a chip on your shoulder about religion, but I honestly don’t understand your stance on abortion. Gloria Purvis is so on the money. Why do you disagree with her?

      What turned me off to Obama for so long (yes, he’s a saint compared to our eugenics-loving President) was his cowardice about partial birth abortion. Partial. birth. abortion. I get the whole “bodily autonomy” argument, and why an atheist would eschew recognizing anything “sacred” in the first weeks, but after that? I also get it when people say “let’s feed the poor that are walking around first” but I don’t understand how love and reverence can be separated and rationed between the two parties. I also have to admit that I never expected Jewish people not to relate to the injustice of discriminating against an entire class of humans.

      For now, I’m of the opinion that we will have to simply recognize a person’s right to sin against herself, and her offspring when we are dealing with early human life. I mean God doesn’t control us either. Many years ago while helping to try to offer women other services (my OB would see a woman in crisis at any part of the night or day) the words that someone once uttered about abortion fully came into focus for me: “we must treat the problem when it is an acorn, and not an oak tree.”–I honestly don’t think pro-lifers are willing to sacrifice themselves for a poor, pregnant woman–and if she’s brown? They are disgusted by her predicament. Angry even.

      1. @ taco

        WordPress doesn’t hate you. It hates everyone. It also takes a while to process longer posts.

        I want to correct something. I do not have a chip on my shoulder regarding religion. You will almost never hear me say anything about liberal Christians or Jews. As I have said repeatedly on these very pages, I don’t care what people believe. I care about what they do with those beliefs. And my objections are almost always the imposition of conservative religious beliefs, or purely theological concerns, under color of law onto people who don’t share them. I am very consistent with this. And chip on my shoulder is about theocracy, about using god to justify social prejudices, about using god and faith to justify what otherwise cannot be justified, and has no basis in reality, facts, logic, experience, or compassion.

        I have said repeatedly that if our government actually threatened actual religious freedom, not fake religious freedom where the believer justifies any and all bad behavior as “faith”, I would be standing right next to the likes of Franklin Graham or Bishop Tobin to defend their actual freedom to worship and believe what they will. But not to close to nienstedt or McCarrick, because I don’t know where they have been.

        Two of the reasons I stand where I do regarding discrimination are 1) I was raised a Jew, and experiences anti-semitism first hand. And 2) I’m gay, and have experiences “good” “Christian” “love”– multiple quotes required– far more times than I can count.

        I can respect you, Purvis, Mark, Artevelde because your positions on abortion are consistent and respectful, and not merely the shield you use to defend everything else that is bad. But that doesn’t mean I agree with you about it. As you say, “I get the whole “bodily autonomy” argument, and why an atheist would eschew recognizing anything “sacred” in the first weeks, but after that?” You get it, maybe you respect it, but you don’t agree with it.

        I still remember Hawaii’s abortion battle fifty years ago, and the sheer nastiness of the anti-abortion industry then. And even though I wasn’t out at the time, I very clearly remember the very same people who were anti-abortion, and viciously so, were also very viciously anti-gay. It was clear even to 19-year-old me that this wasn’t about faith, it was about power over others, and reassuring themselves that god liked them and not me. It’s one of the things that formed my conscience. As I just pointed out to someone else here, my first commandment is “LEAVE EVERYBODY THE HELL ALONE.”

        Very frankly, I’ve never been very comfortable with abortion, and certainly not after viability, except in very specific cases. Most abortions happen long before that point. I would prefer to see abortion as legal, safe, and rare. But it’s not going to be safe if women are forced into back-alley abortions because they are unwilling or unable to have another child, and there are precious few resources available to them. The anti-abortion industry is much more comfortable buying politicians who just happen to further OTHER agendas of the hyper conservative crowd, and lining their pockets than they are in actually doing something positive about abortion. So, it’s not going to be rare, either, if the anti-abortion industry only wishes to ban abortion, but opposes birth control, health care, family planning, prenatal care, maternal and paternal leave, and financial support.

        And therein lies the problem. Billions of dollars spent for politics and grand statements, billions of man hours spent over 50 years, and abortion is still legal. You’d almost think that they believe keeping it legal would keep that gravy train on the tracks– if you’re a cynic. What if all of that money and manpower had actually gone towards something that would actually keep abortion to a minimum– birth control, health care, family planning, prenatal care, maternal and paternal leave, and financial support. The lack of support for these things, nay, the opposition to them, is an extremely good indication that abortion is the means, not the end.

        A friend of mine has dementia. He has just enough money to take care of himself in the minimal fashion, but way too much money, or nowhere near enough money, to get into a decent home. I get plenty of suggestions from the people who are supposed to help, but nothing much in the way of anything that actually does help. I see the anti-abortion industry in exactly the same way.

        I hope this answers the question.

      1. @Ben,

        We pretty much agree on everything except how grave abortion is, there is no way I can wrap my head around it either. The punishment is loss. Jesus asked forgiveness on behalf of those killing him, based upon their ignorance. God wouldn’t ignore that plea. “They no not what they do” seems to be a worthy alibi. Also, I think sacrificed souls that have lost their lives to abortion are well taken care of by the abundant providence God has for victims–for anybody.

        Really, at the end of the day a woman will always have to wonder what “could have been”–even if she insists that she had no choice, and can’t bring herself to regret her decision. I experienced something akin to this but in the reverse: I didn’t regret that I seemed to be having a miscarriage. I was tired, overwhelmed and we were losing our shirt having suffered a series of financial blows and betrayals. I shoo’d my family away waiting for the process to get underway, and take its course–but it didn’t! She became my great unfathomable consolation prize in what was otherwise a clusterF–

        Just the thought of how cavalier we were about her life APPALLS and horrifies me. She is SUCH an amazing little girl. I’ve said it before, and I mean it with all my heart; I wouldn’t trade her for the fortune of Gates, Zuckerburg, and Bezos combined. We don’t and can’t possibly know what we are missing out on. Some day too soon, she will become a teen, life will disappoint her in some earth rocking way, and she will probably become a hormone addled young upstart, but it’s okay, they eventually regain their sanity and we will laugh about it!

        You are 100% right about all of the spilled ink and contributions “pro-lifers” have made to “pro-life” organizations. The industry has thrived on both sides of the divide. If all the money for abortions and all of the outrage- donations had been put into a fund and invested in the stock market, every threatened unborn baby would want for nothing including time off for the Mom with a lavish stipend and top quality care and education for the child. We are idiots.

      2. @taco

        I can understand your concerns and your anguish. But that’s because you’re a good person, something that you demonstrate in virtually every post that you make.

        But from my point of you, the issue is not merely about concern or lack of concern for life. Where we differ is the question of where life begins. The Bible says that life does not begin until the first breath. Catholic theology says it begins at conception. I don’t believe that either situation is actually the case. I think the viability standard that the Supreme Court set is a good one.

        I mentioned my friend with dementia for a reason. For nearly 25 years, He has been one of my two best friends in the world: loyal, generous, and reliable. But now he’s suffering from frontal temporal lobe dementia. His mother and his sister were dead from the same disease by the age of 60. He’s 70 now.

        Now I’m not a radiologist, But I am a photographer. I looked at his MRIs, and they were quite clear. Probably a quarter of his brain is missing at this point, and it’s never going to get any better. Though he is still living on his own, those days are numbered. He will then go into a home, where he will not want to be, and they will probably drug him to keep him under control. All of that is going to accelerate losing his grip on consciousness in life. But nevertheless, because he is healthy as the proverbial horse, he will probably live for a couple of years in an increasingly vegetative state, much as my foster mother did when her children made the mistake of giving her a feeding tube seven years before she died.

        You can tell me that all life is precious, and I have no trouble ascribing into that idea. But what good does that do my friend Joe? He was only out on his own because I’m making the effort to keep him there. But after that, the only gift that is left for him is death. As the Mahabharata says, “our only sure companion.“

        Life and death are not easy questions.

  2. I do not want to ”reduce abortion”. That is not what my faith asks of me. I want the moral imperative to not kill (the unborn) to apply to me, my wife, everyone I know and society at large.

    1. @artevelde

      As I said, “just say no“ has never worked in the entire history of the world. From my point of view, all it ever does is ensure that the thing you don’t want is what continues to happen.

      1. Oh, I’m sure you have some nifty moral imperatives up your sleeve when it comes to your own pet projects.

      2. @ artevelde

        I’ve got a few of them, of course. 1) Leave other people the hell alone. 2) Your religious imperatives are your religious imperatives, not mine. My religious beliefs are every bit as important, as valid, and as true as yours. 3) freedom of religion means nothing if there is no freedom from religion. 5) purely theological concerns have no place in the civil law that governs everyone in a secular, humane, and humanly oriented Society. The corollary to which is: 4) “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it” is just another way of using God to justify what cannot be justified by any other Means.

        I could go on, but I think Youget the point.

      3. @ Ben

        To be honest, at the level of political thought, I think it’s utter nonsense. I do find your brand of Anarcho-despotism rather amusing though. Until people like you get into positions of power of course. Things aren’t amusing anymore at that point, of course, but they never are when next to moral courage physical courage will be required. It’s doubtful I’d make the cut.

      4. @artevelde

        I’d have to say that that is way below your usual standard of discourse. You can accuse me with great accuracy of being opposed to any imposition of purely theological concerns onto people who don’t share them. You can likewise accuse me with great accuracy of thinking that religious beliefs are simply that: beliefs.

        But what you said and implied are simply false. I am interested in neither anarchy nor despotism. I am simply not interested in your faith, or anyone’s faith, having dominion over my life.

        What I am interested in is, well, not your caricature.

      5. @ Ben

        Your interest is not required. What ridiculous level of self-aggrandisement does a person need to develop to think that law is subject to indidual whim?

      6. @artevelde

        “What ridiculous level of self-aggrandisement does a person need to develop to think that law is subject to indidual whim?”

        Why, you just need to think that YOU speak for God, or that your church does, and that whatever you think god thinks is what the rest of us needs must think as well.

  3. On the subject of being a qatholic….

    “Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin has a long history on entering the political arena with ugly attacks, and barely minutes after the Biden campaign announced U.S. Senator Kamala Harris would be the vice presidential running mate, he struck again.

    “Biden-Harris,” Tobin, the Bishop of Providence, Rhode Island, tweeted. “First time in awhile that the Democratic ticket hasn’t had a Catholic on it. Sad,” he wrote, in Trumpian fashion.”

    1. Interesting. Does that mean that Tobin thinks Past Biden was Catholic and that Present Biden isn’t? How does Kaine rank? Did tobin think this through at all or did the thinking come from his red baseball mitre?

      1. The best reply to that tweet was: ”so weird. We don’t have one leading the diocese either.”

    2. From the catholic perspective there has never been a catholic candidate. Prior the Vatican 2 the church was opposed to religious freedom. John Kennedy supported religious freedom and by hi days standards wasn’t a catholic. Joe Biden supports views on choice and marriage that are countraru to catholic teaching. I support Biden because as a gay man Biden has always been there for us

  4. I hate to say it, but the old people, who can’t fathom the racism because they are submerged in it and comfortable with their status in society–are on their way out, –which leads me to believe that EWTN and the NCR who have shattered all hope of restoring credibility are on their way out too. Someday they will see what scandal they have caused to the millenials and subsequent generations that are shocked by the lack of authenticity in their MAGA parents and grandparents. Many will be tempted to throw the baby with the bathwater.

    When I talk to my own kids in their 30s 20s and teens, I remind them to focus on the words and actions of Jesus. The MAGA freakishness compared to Jesus is truly a marvel to behold. History will not be kind to the Boomers and their parents.

    Austin Ruse? Words don’t suffice. I’d be willing to bet that the Opus Dei, non (north) American numeraries, cooperators and priests can see right through his frat boy bluster. It *must* be that he is being protected by his MAGA homeboys, and the Latin Americans and Europeans don’t want the messy job of calling him out for the scandal he causes. They need to step up or the days of Opus Dei having credibility with normal young Catholics here are numbered.

      1. I have known far too many frat boys in my life to make the distinction between the two.

        At my brother’s frat (Sigma Chi), all women they scored with the night before, or the ones on their hit list were referred to as “Betty” pronounced Bed-y. They thought their snark and bro-code was so clever. They refused to accept my brother’s fun roommate because he was short and Jewish. A bunch of well to do Daddy’s boys that had trust funds to live off of or pretended that they did. The short Jewish guy they refused to accept went on to found a National juice brand, “Naked Juice” which was acquired by Dole. He dodged a bullet.

      2. @Tacoanybody

        Austin Ruse is simply amazing. I looked at some of his recent tweets, and I’m humbled by this man’s deep Christian understanding.

        When someone replied to one of his tweets with ”This is why I am no longer a Catholic”, his reaction was ”Probably a good thing”

        I’ve been in agony over this for the past twenty-four hours. If a man with such standing among the Angels insists that being a Catholic is not a good thing, perhaps I have been wrong for most of my life. I am now sad and wonder if I can still proudly call myself a boy any longer.

    1. “When I talk to my own kids in their 30s 20s and teens, I remind them to focus on the words and actions of Jesus. The MAGA freakishness compared to Jesus is truly a marvel to behold.”

      This is such fundamental catechises. The Gospels make the way of Christ so very, very clear and the very way of discernment through the Holy Spirit.

      1 Cor 2 14 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

      1. Also: WordPress took away my ability to edit my own scrbbling. Vengeance will come soon.

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