On the Murder of Cannon Hinnant

Published August 17, 2020

The MAGA Cult, which has for decades used the unborn child as a human shield for its racism, cruelty, sadism, and murder of the brown and poor is now using a little boy named Cannon Hinnant who was murdered by some black guy in order to weaponize his death against those protesting racism.

Here is how the kabuki works. First, lie that “the media” is refusing to cover the story the racist want to use to spread his racism.


This strategery is dumb but it works on dumb people. Why is it dumb? Because translated into simple English (the only kind the stupid people who do this understand) it boils down to this:

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'WHY THE HELL WON'T THE MEDIA COVER THE STORY I SAW ON THE NEWS?!'

When a right wing racist moron tells you “the media” is not covering something, you can bet your life that the story he is blathering about is one he got….FROM THE MEDIA. Often the moron will include a link from the media to tell you about the story the media is allegedly “afraid to cover”.

As of this writing, if you google “Cannon Hinnant” you will get 770,000 hits on “the story the media is afraid to cover”.

So what is the purpose of this lie? Simple. What is being spoken here is that all blacks are guilty of the murder of this child and we need to stop paying attention to the systemic racism that killed George Floyd and many others.

Here is how to dispel that lie:

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It is utterly characteristic of the MAGA “prolife” white fertility cult of death to cynically use the horrible murder of this child, not to work for the defense of children’s lives, but to work for the defense of racist murderers.

This boy was not murdered because his murderer was black and still less because all black people or the media are part of some plot to kill white children. George Floyd is not the opposite of this child. They were both victims of murder. And the media covered this story exactly as much as you would expect a murder should be covered given that the murderer was caught and not sheltered by a corrupt institutional structure.

What the racists behind such memes don’t tell you is that the real lesson here is that this man, like the slaughterer of children at Sandy Hook and the slaughterer of children at El Paso had a gun he never should have had.

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  1. And if not for Jazmine Barnes, you would almost have a point. If not for the fact that Dylann Roof was captured and taken into custody the morning after the shooting, your appeal to that argument might fly. And you could argue Charlottesville was a mass shooting and those always get weeks of coverage, but consider the Sutherland Church shooting coverage fizzled in a week outside of local news and some conservative outlets. The type of exploitation we see in news coverage is just begging for someone like you to defend it. You can only defend the lies of the press so long before you become complicit in them. And doing so on the body of a slain five year old won’t make it better.

    1. You wrote:

      …consider the Sutherland Church shooting coverage fizzled in a week outside of local news and some conservative outlets.

      FALSE. Major media reported on the Sutherland Church shooting for months. You can google it.

      1. I did. Duh. Except for local media outlets and right wing media, the story was all but dropped barely a week after, with a few follow up stories being all. Show me the link to the months of coverage by national media outlets on par with George Zimmerman, Charlottesville, Ferguson or even George Floyd please.

      2. Sorry, you made the claim of endless media coverage of the event. You prove it. Otherwise, you obviously know it’s BS and hope to use your own sad shoveling of BS to cover the obvious.

    2. It would help if you would make your point about the relevance of Jazmine Barnes explicit. I can imagine some points you could make, connecting Jazmine to Cannon or Floyd, but I don’t know which one you might be thinking of.

      This is made worse by your reference to Dylan Roof, as if his example is contrary to what Mark is saying, when it seems to me that it is parallel to Mark’s point about Cannon (both killers were apprehended within a day, justice be done).

      1. I apologize. Jazmine Barnes was a little girl who was shot and killed in Texas. Immediately the news broke that she, a black girl, was killed by a white man in, of all things, a pickup truck. The suspect was found quickly, but the news began running ‘puff’ pieces around the clock. The girl’s poor mother was interviewed as she was in the hospital (herself having been shot), and the coverage showed her reaction to the news of her daughter. It was heartbreaking, and it was shown over and over and over, along with the building news stories of rallies and gatherings and protests and celebrities and athletes and politicians getting on board. It was announced that her funeral the following week would be televised live, and on the Sunday Morning News Shows, each one spoke of this being “Trump’s America” that blacks must now deal with.

        And then the bottom fell out. It turned out the wrong suspect had been named. It was revealed that same Sunday that she was, in fact, killed by two black men possibly in a drug deal gone sour.

        By Monday? You’d barely have known Jazmine Barnes ever existed. There were some follow up stories. Having hyped the funeral, a couple outlets covered it as they said, but it was soon dropped. A week later, and no more than a handful of follow up development stories.

        You can’t possibly tell me that the reason the coverage went almost instantly from puff/24 to a couple dozen follow up stories after the commercial breaks over the next few months wasn’t because of the change in suspects. The same here. You can’t tell me that a white man walks out into his yard, and kills a black child assassin style, and the press isn’t on this 24/7. Whether or not we know anything else. In fact, we would likely know all we know about George Floyd and that’s “White man” … “black victim”… (which is still really all we know motive-wise about Floyd, if you think about it).

        That’s the problem. And left or right, GOP or Dem, religious or not, it should get anyone of good will to say to the media ‘enough caring about demographic labels when it comes to covering human suffering.’

      1. Nice. Not even a nod to the death of a child. Obviously you have no argument because you known damn well what I said and what I was referencing . You either call evil the shameless exploitation of racial divisions while using the deaths of innocents when convenient, or you’re complicit. You obviously choose to be complicit and bring shame to the Gospel, and basic human decency. How far you’ve fallen.

      2. More babble from the cult where accusation is always a form of confession. You are here for one purpose: to excuse weaponizing the murder of a child against the murder of a black man. You guiltmongering does not work. Goodbye.

  2. Brilliant column, mark.

    Maybe you didn’t have to point it out, but you have in one victim a grown black man whose life doesn’t matter, because he wasn’t a Fine Upstanding Citizen,, whose life was terminated by a noble white man, versus a beautiful white child whose Whole Life Was All in Front of Him, murdered by a black guy in an orange suit.

    1. Jazmine Barnes my friend. Jazmine Barnes. We can call the exploitation of human suffering evil, or we can defend the evil. The choice is ours.

      1. I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say or accomplish with your posts. Make some sort of CONSISTENT- a hint – argument or present a clear thesis or make clear connections. Maybe then responses will be less strident.

      2. I am confused by your comments. During this year, literally dozens of children have been killed – by parents, by strangers, by blacks, by whites, by men, by women, by police, by whomever. Very few make the national headlines, very few are known even by well informed people outside their local area. As someone has said, one death is a tragedy, a million are a statistic. Many years ago, a newspaper, the NYT I think, did a front page photo op of the thousands of people of all colors who had been murdered using guns. Just as they did a few weeks ago of the victims of COVID19, just to put a human face on an insidious disease. Cannon is just one of many victims of adults killing children of all races. Unfortunately, the child is being used as a political prop by one side, as other children have been used by the other side. JUST STOP IT! The only good thing about this particular murder is that the perpetrator is known and will be tried. Far too many are not. And no newspaper or news outlet, not even FoxNews, can possibly headline all the murders of adults or children committed in this country every day. Which seems to be what you want?

  3. As a gay Black man I can’t t=go out of my house without the fear of being hunted. I feel sorry for the boy but the right wing noize machine wants to claim this is the ‘new normal’ F them

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