Today’s the Day! THE CHURCH’S BEST-KEPT SECRET is out!


The social teaching of the Catholic Church shows how universal the faith really is, touch­ing all people regardless of age, social status, or ethnicity. By introducing us to this social teaching Mark Shea has invited all Catholics to deepen their faith in practical ways, and to put aside individualism and tribalism and open their hearts to everyone just because they are fellow human beings. – Bishop Thomas Dowd, auxiliary of Montreal

In The Church’s Best-Kept Secret, Mark Shea provides a faithful and spirited overview of Catholic social teaching grounded in Scripture, Vatican II, and papal writings since Leo XIII. He clearly explains the key principles of Catholic social teaching—human dig­nity, the common good, subsidiarity, and solidarity—and he shows that some Catholics, while rightfully opposing abortion and euthanasia, mistakenly reduce Catholic teach­ings on capital punishment and the environment to mere “prudential judgments” that can be ignored or opposed. – Robert Fastiggi, Ph.D. Professor of Systematic Theology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, Michigan

In The Church’s Best-Kept Secret, Mark Shea has written an accessible and essential primer for anyone interested in learning about Catholic teaching on human dignity and the common good rooted in the Gospel and Sacred Tradition. Transcending politics and ideology, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the Church’s Magisterium on social issues, explaining how they are all interconnected, and why our moral decisions and actions have wide-ranging consequences. – Mike Lewis, Managing Editor, Where Peter Is

Mark Shea has a gift for making official Catholic teaching accessible in a manner that displays not only its truth but also its beauty. In The Church’s Best-Kept Secret, he shows that Catholic social doctrine challenges us to go beyond “liberal” and “conservative” distinctions. I recommend this book for all who seek to understand the fundamental principles behind that doctrine and apply it to their everyday lives, including their spiritual lives. – Dawn Eden Goldstein, S.Th.D., theologian and author of My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints

In an increasingly polarized Church and world, we are accustomed to apologias and manifestos, jeremiads and rants. The word “catechesis” means to echo or resound and this resonance must be pastoral, in the voice of the Good Shepherd. Mark Shea cap­tures this catechetical tone and pastoral spirit, eschewing polemics and hyperbole. His book echoes Catholic Social Teaching from our mother and teacher, the Church. It is a resounding success. – Samuel D. Rocha, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

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