Phil Vischer is Doing a Fine Job of Trying to Give Sight to the Blind

It’s fascinating to watch the guy who gave us Bob the Tomato in Veggie Tales trying to deprogram white Evangelicals from their faith in the GOP as God’s Party–and their complete blindness to their legacy of racism:

The video is quite good and marks a hopeful sign in American Christianity, the willingness to put the gospel affirmation of human dignity above the raw prostitution to tribe and power that has so utterly corrupted MAGAfied Qhristianity. Vischer, to put it simply, takes the gospel seriously and recognizes the utter scandal of Evangelical (and, by the way, MAGA Catholic) commitment to the defense and denial of racism. He has spent his life bearing witness to the next generation of Christians and he knows perfectly well their horror and disgust at MAGA Qhristianity. He’s bearing witnessing to the truth for their sake, as well as for the sake of the victims of MAGA racism, because he knows they are coming of age and demanding to ask where the authentic witness of the gospel is in this racist maelstrom of MAGA bullshit posing as the Greatest Christians of All Time.

Bravo, Mr. Vischer! Bravo! Speak the truth. You may lose your head to these modern MAGA Herods, but you will save your soul.


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  1. This video made a huge impression on my 16-y.o. kid, who REALLY needed to see it.
    Thanks again to Joel for posting it last week too.

  2. Fun fact: this Phil Vischer attended St. Paul Bible College but did not graduate. He flunked out or was expelled (sources differ).
    Having attended SPBC myself for a year, I count this as a point in his favor.

  3. Great video! Unfortunately, in the back of my mind all I could hear were the same old tropes I used to hear all the time. That in the 60’s the Democratic Party basically re-enslaved the black community by making them dependent on government programs and convincing them they are victims at the hands of the white man so they can get the black vote into perpetuity. This sort of video would likely fall on deaf ears for many who believe such things.

    1. When the Cult is confronted with the fact of its bullshit on abortion, it never replies with a good prolife argument. Instead, it pivots to talking about money and power, because that was always the real goal, not saving the unborn.

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