I love doing podcasts!

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Dr. Brett Salkeld and Deacon Eric Gurash, who live away up there in Saskatchewan, and recorded what turned out to be a couple of hours of material, which is way too long for most people to listen to in one sitting unless they live in Saskatchewan and are driving across the trackless wildernesss from Regina to Moose Jaw to Great Bear Lake (he said, thereby exhausting the sum total of place names he could think of that might be in Saskatchewan, and only later discovering that Great Bear Lake is actually in the Northwest Territories).

Anywho, because the conversation was so rich and fun and good, Brett and Eric decided to chop it up into no less than five podcasts of which this is Part the First. We had a great time and I think you will too. I will post more when they become available. We are talking about The Church’s Best-Kept Secret (more or less) but it was a pretty loosey goosey conversation–and we hadn’t even been drinking! Enjoy!


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