And Again, Phil Vischer and Co. Get It

He is making these for his fellow Evangelicals, but much of what he has to say is perfectly applicable to conservative Catholics as well:

The biggest difference I have with them is that, after four years of MAGA “prolife” Trump boosterism, I can no longer buy the argument that that Cult “overlooks” the “flaws” of Trump and his GOP Crime Syndicate. The biggest realization I had in the past four years was that it is lie to say that the “prolife” Cult “focuses on abortion” to the exclusion of all else.

On the contrary, precisely what they do not do is “focus on abortion”. What they do–24/7/365–and have done every single day since they voted Trump into office, is focus on defending every filthy lie, every despicable cruelty, every mockery of the POW, the disabled, women, and any other enemy, every boast of sexual assault, every silence over Russian bounties on our troops, every love letter to every despot, every defense of sawing a journalist to death, every child kidnapped into an ICE rape camp, every mass sterilization, every terrorist attack in his name, every call for eugenicist abandonment of the weak to Pandemic death, every treasonous act, every act of Mob Boss retribution, every racist dogwhistle, and every threat to the peace of the Republic he makes against those who vote against him.

Trump, not the unborn, is their #1 priority. The unborn have long ago become human shields for that.

But I still have great praise for Holy Post for trying to open the eyes of this deeply spiritually blind cult of white conservative Christians, both Protestant and Catholic. And I particularly appreciate their pointing out that the real way to reduce abortions is by having access to health care (and, by the way, other social safety nets) that take the pressure off the poor to abort.

In other words, the primary thing to do is support the policies of Dems which have mercy on the poor–which is precisely what the Greatest Christians of All Time have never wanted to do and have fought to help the GOP destroy. Imma talk about this soon in this space.


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  1. I’m really quite impressed by Phil’s videos. I highly recommend Phil’s channel on the youtube, particularly his 2-part videos on race.

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