A Debate to Start Your Week

Drs. Sam Rocha and Carson Holloway debate the merits of having a decent, competent human being or a traitorous sociopathic criminal moron as President:

I would tell you how I am voting, but it’s a secret ballot, so I cannot reveal which of the straight ticket of Democrats from President to Water Commissioner I will be voting for.


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  1. After a minor crisis of conscience and, no doubt, a much-needed infusion of Divine Grace, this fire-breathing young Rad Trad contributed his own secret straight Democrat ballot to the cause yesterday morning 😀

    Don’t get me wrong: Despite Traditionalists being the Catholic subculture who have fallen hardest for the cult of the Dime-Store Antichrist, I had absolutely NO INTENTION of voting for Trump, either in 2016 OR 2020 – in fact, precisely BECAUSE so many of my fellow Trads have been seduced and corrupted by this man, I want him as far away from Washington and, hopefully, away from North America as possible. Maybe getting some distance will finally break the spell and shock at least a few of my comrades back to reality (Deo volente). The crisis was, rather, whether I should make the prudent choice and vote Democrat or make the ideal choice and vote third party (specifically, American Solidarity Party) – which I would have done in any non-crisis election.

    When I brought it up to my mom – a die-hard Democrat if ever there was one, but also one of the wisest and most thoughtful people I know – she put it to me this way: If it was really important to me that the A.S.P. should be heard and taken seriously, I should cast a symbolic vote for them, then knuckle down and really WORK with them outside of Election Day. On the other hand, if what I really wanted to do was feel better about myself, I should swallow my pride and vote Democrat, for the sake of unseating the Swamp Creature if nothing else. And, ultimately, that’s what I did.

    If I’ve done right, thank God that my conscience was turned in the right direction and I pray He gives me grace to hold the centre against the stupidities of both extremes. If I’ve done wrong, may God forgive me and may any evil that comes from my choice be mitigated. If (Absit!) Trump should win another term, at least I didn’t sell my soul to him.

  2. The irony of Trump’s Christian supporters is that it’s a convergence of Protestants becoming more Catholic (ie, moving from “abortion is a matter of religious liberty and only the Romanists want to force their beliefs about it onto other people” in 1973 to “opposition to abortion has absolute priority over all other issues, even those one might also consider to be ‘protecting innocent lives’) and Catholics becoming more Protestant (“yeah, well, Francis is Pope, true, but he’s not THE Pope, is he? The real one is still alive and breathing. And the dead ones have left behind plenty of encyclicals making it clear what the Church actually teaches. So, Francis, we withstand thee to the face! We’ll be canonised for this one day, like Teresa of Avila!”) so that they meet in the middle to form a sort of “American Western Orthodox” hybrid, with all the authoritarian nationalism that entails.

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