It’s Over! PA called for Biden!

We have met the gravest domestic threat since the Civil War and beaten it. Let us celebrate, rejoice, and be glad! Thanks be to God through Christ our Lord!


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  1. I don’t want to be Debbie downer, Mark, but it’s not really official yet. And we still have to contend with Alito ordering that the ballots that came in late in Pennsylvania be segregated from the rest of them, although counted. There will be a concerted effort to get the Supreme Court involved, with the hope that they are as corrupt and useless as they have demonstrated themselves to be as they have served the Republican agenda. We have to deal with more Republican dirty tricks, which may well require the choice of faithless electors who will vote for Trump even though he lost in their state. We also will have to deal with the violence of the Trumpenlieblings, which i thoroughly expect to see. (Yesterday, two men drove up with a truckload of fake ballots and real guns in philadelphia).

    I could be wrong, but I thoroughly expect there to be violence. Who we are as a country will be determined by who is committing that violence, who supports it, and how we deal with that violence.

    1. Those are only a few hundred ballots. Once the Court let the case go forward, PA started an agressive pr campaign to let people know not to mail in their ballots. Recounts have never changed more than a few hundred votes *max*. Faithless electors are a Republican fever dream. Violence may happen, but it can’t change the result. There is a real worry: trumpism isn’t dead. But his presidency is, and that’s a big deal.

    1. Awww! You beat me to it! My husband and I were saying it back and forth to each other when we woke up. We were trying to get the thuggish accent right.

      In other news, my mother won’t speak to me, and got up early to blow leaves into my yard. The Saturday cheese blintzes that she makes for the kids were a no-show. My little girl moped all morning about that. I said, “it’s not your fault sweetheart, Mum is punishing you because of your evil, “pathetic”, “brainwashed” parents.

      1. I love your honesty with your kids. Always speak truth to kids so you don’t break their BS meter in the end.

  2. In the words of the folks at The Lincoln Project: ”The mission of this Allied Force was fulfilled at 11:26 am local, November 7, 2020”.

    1. Virginia called by CNN at about 10:55PM Eastern, just before the 11PM “danger” deadline. Foresaw a close victory by the Dems and was right.

      1. I must admit that the various methods of voting in his special year made things way more complex, but in some odd way my little prediction held.

  3. @ charlotte

    Oh, i definitely agree. But republican dirty tricks, greed, and mass sociopathy got us to this place. As I wrote to my German relatives, that this election was ever a question makes me deeply ashamed to be an American.

  4. The Wizard of Oz movie, filmed in the Depression of the 1930’s, portrayed a message of hope for the depressed people of the country and the world. It is a strangely appropriate movie for our times. This election win by Biden gives some hope for a return of sanity, logic, civility, and rule of law.

    1. Precious flowers, all of those. They do not bloom well on twitter and facebook. I hope that people, if they have forgotten to do so, will once again learn to cultivate friendship and love for those who have different political views.

    1. ”Over 74 million Americans just voted for an anti-Christian new world under Biden-Harris”. That’s the headline at Liesite News. And what are some of these horors soon to be inflicted on the world?

      1. ”Mandate face masks across the nation interminably”. That’s sartorial eschatology of the highest order.

      2. ”Squash the fossil fuel industry”. No. Not the one unforgivable sin.


      1. Anti-Christian? Joe Biden just ended his speech quoting my favorite hymn “On Eagle’s Wing”, which is based on one of the Psalms. When has Trump ever gone to a church, prayed, quoted the Bible, asked God for forgiveness? Religion to Trump is nothing more than a photo op and, to paraphrase Karl Marx, an opiate for the masses to vote for Trump. Oh, and to hear a speech that wasn’t packed with verifiable lies, calling people names, praising his (Trump’s) greatness, filled with word salad that was rarely more than gibberish was fantastic. BTW, has Trump ever thanked the people who worked for him, and pledged to work for all Americans instead of only his voters? I still cannot believe that so many people bought into his whinny con job.

      2. Last night lifelong Catholic Joe Biden gave an acceptance speech shot through with genuine religiosity, but front organization Lifesite won’t even concede Biden is Catholic.

        What can you do but wallow in schadenfreude.

      3. @ Neko

        See, that’s why I value your opinion. No BS about misguided, bla bla bla, misrepersenting teaching bla bla. Just ”front organization”.

  5. In addition to praying for Mr. Biden and for reconciliation in this country, we should also be praying for the reform of the pro-life movement:
    That the pro-life movement realizes that pro-life means ALL human life (and not just one form of human life).

    That the pro-life movement realizes that pro-life includes AFTER birth, as well as before birth.

    That the pro-life movement (and its supporters) realizes that ending racism, ending the death penalty, ending poverty, and that respecting the rights of the poor, migrants, refugees, people of different races and sexual orientations, and workers are as equally important as ending abortion.

    That the pro-life movement finally purges itself of the far right wing elements that have hijacked it during the past 35 to 40 years.

    That the pro-life movement (and its supporters) start using discernment and STOP blindly latching on to every cheap (read conservative Republican) politician and alt right buffoon who says the words “pro-life”.

    That the pro-life movement (and its supporters) realize that they ARE NOT the arbiters of who’s Catholic and who’s not, that they realize they do not have the authority to decide what’s a mortal sin, and that realize they are not the ones who decides who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell.

    That the pro-life movement (and its supporters) realize that the Church is not a PEZ dispenser that dispenses “excommunication” when they want it to.

    That the pro-life movement (and its supporters) reject extremists like Raymond Burke, Frank Pavone, James Altman, Carlo Maria Vigano, Joseph Strickland, Franklin Graham, and Robert Jeffress, and listen to and embrace the message of Pope Francis.

    That the pro-life movement (and its supporters) remember that the lives of people that they do not like (i.e. criminals, illegal immigrants, gays and lesbians, and – yes – liberals, Democrats, pro-choicers, including President-elect Joe Biden) are as equally sacred as the unborn baby in the womb.

    That the pro-life movement embrace the words of St. Francis DeSales: “You draw more flies with a spoonful honey than with a barrel full of vinegar”.

    That the pro-life movement (and its supporters) reject combative, inflammatory, and hate-filled rhetoric and replace it with dialogue.

    And that the pro-life movement finally heeds the words of Pope Francis in “Gaudete et exsultate” that the “the lives of the poor, those already born, the destitute, the abandoned and the underprivileged, the vulnerable infirm and elderly exposed to covert euthanasia, the victims of human trafficking, new forms of slavery, and every form of rejection” are as equally sacred as the lives “of the innocent unborn”.

    Lord hear our prayer.


  6. There are times in history when a person meet their moment. Like Churchill at WW2.

    Trump was a thug, with all the bullying, selfishness and casual aggression typical of them. His whole shtick was inflicting cruelty on the weakest.

    Joe Biden as a decent guy with a big heart, was the exact match. He seemed like the man for this moment in history. And I hope and pray that he is successful

    1. Completely agree. I firmly believe the reason Biden didn’t succeed in his earlier runs was because we didn’t need him then. We do now. And I’ve always thought that Biden needed to be the nominee. Like it or not, the country is more conservative than Bernie and his followers think it is. But that conservatism also wants things like healthcare, social security, Medicare and infrastructure far more than it thinks immigrants are rapists. Unfortunately, Trump was able to convince rural voters that he believed in them and cared for them by throwing them bones, like farmers’ aid. Those voters were protected from the consequences of his trade wars and pandemic failures by those bones. But now, they’re getting sick and are dying (apparently Texas’ deaths now exceeds New Jersey’s and is rapidly heading toward New York’s deaths). The one thing I do fault the Democrats on is their failure to show those voters, and prove to them, that Trump doesn’t give a damn about them, and would gladly spit on them if he could get away with it. I’m waiting for the upcoming stories about what Trump really thinks about his followers once people stop being afraid of his vindictiveness. A public Trump breakdown on national TV would be more than fitting.

      1. @ towa..

        “ The one thing I do fault the Democrats on is their failure to show those voters, and prove to them, that Trump doesn’t give a damn about them, and would gladly spit on them if he could get away with it.”

        Trumpdemort has proved that himself, repeatedly, and they somply don’t care. think that this has been going on long before he got elected, and the response was constantly that they didn’t believe it. They are simply not interested in truth, because it doesn’t fit with their narrative. It is what Stephen Colbert refers to as “truthiness”. It sounds right to me, it appeals to my gut, therefore, it’s true.l

        There’s more proof available than this, but this is really all you need: the trumpian response to the pandemic. President Joe: on Monday I’m going to begin the process of appointing a Covid response team that will rely on science and expertise. Trumpanzee response: 235,000 dead americans? i don’t need to wear no stinkin’ mask.

  7. The latest tweet by Donald Trump is ”I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT”. This would be the perfect last tweet, if he ever gets suspended. It really encapsulates all there is to this man.

    1. My favorite Trump tweet is from 23DEC2016:
      “Vladimir Putin said today about Hillary and Dems: ‘In my opinion, it is humiliating. One must be able to lose with dignity.’ So true!”

      1. Indeed. At least now we can see how, unlike the pussy hat wearing liberal cucks in 2016, real conservative men and women will accept this loss as true American sportsmen, gracefully and rationally.

  8. Ding dong, the Trump is gone!
    Which old Trump? The Donald Trump!
    Ding dong the asshat Trump is gone!

    He’s gone where the goblins go below, below, below, yo ho
    Let’s open up and sing, and ring the bells out,
    Ding-dong, the merry-o! Sing it high, sing it low!
    Let them know the asshat Trump is gone!

  9. Hey, I almost posted that clip on my Facebook. Then I reconsidered because of the trouble it could stir up, and posted “Love Trumps Hate” instead. (That got its own snarky response, but I digress.)

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