The Mark of MAGA is Narcissism

I first noticed it with gun violence.

It was like clockwork. A massacre would happen and Normals would respond normally, asking “Dear God! What can we do to make sure this horror is prevented and the body count reduced if possible?”

The questions were Other-Centered, the way you do when you are thinking about other people and their suffering and anguish–that way Normals do in the face of tragedy.

But the response of the Gun Cult was always self-centered: “Don’t blame me. Don’t touch my gun! This was a hoax to make me look bad! You only care about this because you want to take my gun!”

When the Cult could be pried off their fragile egos long enough to think of somebody else for a second, their only recommendations were always purely self-serving: “We need more guns. I need the right to buy more and ever more guns.” At the end of the day, everything was always about them.

Then I began to notice that this narcissistic pattern was everywhere with the MAGA cult.

So, for instance, the argument was constantly made that a state health care social safety net would be bad. Why? Because if the state ensures health care for all, it would rob the MAGA narcissist of his chance to be charitable to the needy. In other words, what matters to the MAGA enemy of universal health care is not the little girl with leukemia and her family facing destitution, but Himself and his warm feeling of stooping down to lift up the lowly–and his godlike power to let the undeserving poor die if he doesn’t feel them worthy of his largesse. Once again, it’s all about the MAGA narcissist.

Likewise, we see it with the MAGA voter who only cares about human suffering when he is the victim, as when Trump voters only cared about his callousness and cruelty to the weak and poor when it affected them.

And the apotheosis of this narcissism is now seen in the the MAGA Qhristian who manages to transform his massive selfishness into some sort of holy virtue inside his own mind:


False prophets like Marshall are leaders of a murder/suicide cult thinking only of themselves as they risk the lives, not only of 32 people in their immediate circle, but of the hundreds of people those 32 selfish, foolish people will likewise endanger. They could not care less about others. Instead, they see themselves as the heroes in a drama starring themselves in an imaginary war with Communists and Marxists attempting to steal their joy. It’s all about them. And if somebody sickens, or dies, or suffers debilitating years-long effects from COVID, too bad. It’s not their problem. They are heroes in the War Against the Imaginary Great Reset.

The word for this is childish and the name for people like this is “immature”. This is how babies think. Mom and Dad are sending me to bed, not because it is necessary that I get sleep, but because the whole universe is against me and I am a hero for having a tantrum. The doctors are making me think about the health of other people because they are plotting to oppress me, not because they are trying to prevent another 250,000 deaths. Everything is about Me.

It is no wonder that the MAGA Cult feels liberated by its leader to indulge this radical, stupid selfishness.

But still and all, such narcissism is deadly and these dangerous toxic people have to be reined in by grownups, rebuked by Normals, and told to grow up by adults.


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  1. There’s a lot of self-absorption in this cult. They should think of getting pets, hopefully to think of something other than themselves, and thus to ratchet down the self absorption.

  2. Do you know how Typhoid Mary spread the disease? By doing her job. From her article on Wiki: “From 1900 to 1907, [Mary] Mallon worked as a cook in the New York City area for eight families, seven of which contracted typhoid.”
    The virus doesn’t care if you have a really, really good reason for getting together with other people. Indeed, you should picture those little virus particles high-fiving each other as you send the invites.

  3. What I find baffling is the extreme disconnect between pre-COVID behavior of the masses and now. Last year, most people in my country (America) thought it perfectly OK to show up at work, in public, at family gatherings while obviously sick. No one wore masks. “Oh, I don’t think I’m contagious!” people would announce blithely. No one apologized when the salad they prepared while ill sickened everyone who ate it — including elderly and pregnant women — with a horrible stomach flu. Yup, that really happened. And a visitor to my home once put my newborn in the hospital because she lied and claimed her respiratory illness was “allergies”. Cancer patients I’ve known had to isolate themselves from even healthy-appearing children who might have been recently vaccinated with live vaccines. Parents didn’t care. I’ve seen kids with chicken pox out in public with their parents. Parents used to get angry with me when I tried to implement a “no sick kids” policy in my place of business (a dojo that taught a “close up and personal” form of martial arts). I could go on and on…

    But suddenly now, even if perfectly well people want to gather for Thanksgiving, they are accused of risking peoples’ lives. A year ago, it was socially acceptable for sick people to cough and sneeze anywhere and at anyone they wished.

    My, how times have changed.

    1. Translation: I remember when you could be selfish, but now that a quarter of a million people are dead, you have to be considerate and it sucks. I hate thinking about others. It’s a plot against me, me, me!

      Poor you. It’s all about you.

      1. Mark, I think you’re being uncharitable here with your knee jerk reaction. Rebecca says she tried to implement a “no sick kids” policy at her dojo.
        If anything, youʼre right that it was okay to be selfish in the past and it’s appalling that it took quarter of a million dead to wake people up.
        Just don’t take it out on her. It looks like she was doing the right thing already.

      2. Wow. Yeah, I guess it was all about me. Poor me that I didn’t like it when my newborn ended up in the hospital, and when I thought sick people should actually think about other people they might be infecting. Yeah, it was all about me when I was concerned about cancer patients, etc.

        OK, what I just wrote there was sarcastic.

        But this isn’t: Wow. Your response? Just wow. I have no idea where that came from.

        If it was “all about me” — no, never mind. I fear my attempts to explain would be wasted here.

      3. A clarification for readers of this blog, just in case anyone thought the blog author’s mischaracterization of me and my comment was remotely accurate: my concerns about cancer patients, people with lowered immune systems, etc. we’re not about me, as I suffer from neither. Kids walking around with chicken pox doesn’t threaten me personally, as I am immune. But it puts others at risk; hence my concern.

        I’m baffled at the reckless lack of concern for others that was widespread just a year ago. My examples were just a few out of many.

        Now, so many people are reacting as if COVID is the first illness to come along, or as if it is the first potentially deadly disease. One would think that the only deaths in this country were COVID deaths.

        Anyway, this clarification is for other readers of this blog, just in case anyone else misunderstood my earlier comment.

    2. I have always been upset in the past when people would come to work evidently sick and there was nothing you could do about it. One of the great blessings for us in New Zealand has been a new attitude towards exposing others to your sickness. During this last winter, the ‘flu numbers have been greatly reduced by comparison with previous years. God grant that this will induce a whole new attitude towards people when they are sick, even with milder things like colds!

      1. Yes!

        What was also troubling to me in the past was how many workplaces pressured people to show up even when sick. I would give a few egregious examples, but, frankly, the author of this blog obviously neither welcomes, appreciates, nor understands my input.

      2. Sometimes, the problem has to do with no paid sick leave, or an insufficient number of paid sick leave like 5 for an entire year. Some people are simply not able to give up their pay because they don’t feel well, even is they would definitely wish to stay home when sick.

      1. To clarify: the blog author’s “translation” of my comment was not remotely accurate. I am not nostalgic for the day when people were reckless and infected others. I do find it baffling that so many people act as if COVID is the first potentially serious disease to come along.

    1. Any medical doctor caught posting something like that should have their license yanked for life before the sun set the following day.

  4. I never mind doing good things for others … when it is I who have decided to do some good deed. My self-regarding nature is revealed when someone else asks me to do some good thing that cuts across my plans.

    I remember once, years ago, driving through our residential street at a little below the speed limit. We came to a section with no cars parked alongside the street, and the guy (or gal 🙂 ) behind me, who had been tail-gating me, whipped around me and took off in front of me at maybe 10Km above the 50K speed limit.

    My instant reaction … was to step down on the accelerator! I was angry because someone else had dared to challenge Me!

    Thankfully, a moment later I slowed down, and laughed. But I have never forgotten the incident – which must have happened ten or more years ago. I knew, then, by experience just what the sin of Pride is.

  5. The MAGA people don’t care about crimes against the environment either. They laughed at Francis for making a big deal about it. The hurricanes in the Philippines are so powerful now that mothers have had their babies literally ripped from their arms. The poor of Bangladesh have the same problem, and it’s getting worse. Why don’t those babies matter? Outa-sight-outa-mind.

    To the MAGA cultist, being pro-life means carrying a sign with a picture of a baby on it.

    Taylor Marshall *must* have friends that realize he has gone off the deep end and needs an intervention.

  6. I posted this earlier today, but it didn’t show up. Does Mark have it in for me, and my posts don’t show up? The MAGAt’s say YES! (Just kidding, Mark).

    The Washington Post reports:

    Indoor holiday celebrations like those being arranged at the White House can accelerate the spread of the coronavirus, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams said Monday after initially dodging a question about the Trump administration’s plans.

    “Americans have been told that we can’t even see our families for this holiday, and yet here’s the White House planning to hold these holiday parties indoors,” ABC News senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega said to Adams on “Good Morning America.” “What kind of message is this sending?”+

    “Well, we want everyone to understand that these holiday celebrations can be superspreader events,” Adams said. “So we want them to be smart, and we want them to be as small as possible. But again, go to, look at those tips for everyone. These apply to the White House; they apply to the American people.”


    Taylor Marhsall! wow! I’m impressed. The guy who wrote a book called “Infiltration”. From his amazon blurb: “That all changed in the mid-19th century, when clandestine societies populated by Modernists and Marxists hatched a plan to subvert the Catholic Church from within. Their goal: to change Her doctrine, Her liturgy, and Her mission.

    In this captivating and carefully documented book, Dr. Taylor Marshall pulls back the curtain on their nefarious plan, showing how these enemies of Christ strategically infiltrated the seminaries, then the priesthood, then the episcopacy, and eventually the cardinal-electors all with the eventual goal of electing one of their own as pope.”

    A carefully documented book that begins in 1850, not earlier, with a super-duper plot to infiltrate the church that has been going on for 150 years. And Francis “Marx” Bergoglio is the fruit of that, and besides, it’s got Freemasons and (shudder) MODERNISTS to prove the point. (I know a few Masons. They couldn’t infiltrate a supermarket).

    And now he is inviting 32 suckers, victims and idjits of his dearest friends to dinner at his place for thanksgiving. Because the trumpengovernment has clearly been infiltrated by Marxists, Masons, and (shudder) MODERNISTS.

    Wait! I spot a theory! Thar she blows. 3 M’s. That’s Minnesota mining and Manufacturing. Makers of Scotch tape. and the Scots are notorious Masons. And Trumpdemort, despite his divine mandate, lost Minnesota because his idiot lawyer didn’t know the difference between Minnesota and Michigan. (No one else does either).

    I can’t wait to celebrate my future intubation at Taylor Marshall’s. Wait! there’s another M. This must be code for SOROS!

    1. And yet another post didn’t show up. Mark, you must have it in for me.

      Literally a minute after I posted the above, THIS showed pu in my mailbox. It’s proof positive of something or other, but definitely a proof of the plot by Francis Marxist Bergoglio.

      “Today, listening to some of the populist leaders we now have, I am reminded of the 1930s, when some democracies collapsed into dictatorships seemingly overnight. We see it happening again now in rallies where populist leaders excite and harangue crowds, channeling their resentments and hatreds against imagined enemies to distract from the real problems.” – Pope Francis, in his new book, Let Us Dream, which doesn’t mention Trump by name.

  7. Confession time for me: in high school, for a couple of years, I was a member of Demolay International, a sort of junior Masons group. I am, of course, not aware that I am part of the plot to infiltrate the Church. It just shows how astonishingly clever this plot is, to get me to become a Catholic and worm my way into the Church, without my even being aware of it!

    John ‘Unconscious Mason’ Jensen

  8. I wouldn’t even host 32! (= 263,130,836,933,693,530,167,218,012,160,000,000) people during normal times. Imagine the size of his house! I guess MAGA Qatholicism pays the bills.

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