Have I Got a Deal for You!

Hey Peeps! If you are fans of my work and got up this morning saying to yourself, “I just don’t see the point of living if I cannot have a shirt with Mark Shea making fun of Che Guevara and pulling off a dreadful pun at the same time, all while helping a T-shirt-making brother in Christ keep his financial nose above water during Pandemic!” then take hope!

Reader Alan Capasso has the perfect shirt for you!

Viva Shea

Buy it right now at https://skylarkcity.com/shop/ols/products/viva-shea and you can help good Mr. Capasso feed his family while you will be the proud owner of a collector’s item that literally tens of people will care about and envy!

All proceeds go to Alan Capasso! Buy yours now!

Buy ten for the cost of ten! Give them to your friends! Leave them on the porches of your enemies, ring the bell, and run away! Excellent for cleaning up spills and painting!

Features copyrighted “Sin makes you stupid” catchphrase on the back!


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  1. Respect. Although “Chezami” (which can double as “Shea’s Army” if you speak non-rhotic English) was also pretty good.

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