The Feast of the Prostitution of the Prolife Movement

Today is the Anniversary of Roe and it is customary for the leaders of the Party that established (with Roe) and entrenched (with Casey) our entire abortion regime to lie to the most gullible demographic in American political life that they totally care about this and will, any day now, do something to overturn that regime which they themselves are 100% responsible for creating.

So, true to form, the worst President in American history offered this “All Lives Matter” thumb in the eye of POC on MLK Day….

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…and then promptly released the stupid 1776 Report–partly plagiarized from Wikipedia and written by a bunch of white non-historians to explain that racism isn’t real and that the Real Racists[TM] are the brown victims of the Trump Administration who are uppity troublemakers.

With such cheap baubles and flattery does the GOP buy the silence and complicity of millions of “prolife” accomplices and the response of the average MAGA prolifer was utterly predictable:

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Question for the MAGA “Prolifer”: Is it his mockery of the disabled, his boasting about protecting the Saudis who sawed a man to death as he screamed, his contempt for peaceful black “son of bitches”, his contempt for POWs and troops as “suckers” and “losers”, his utterly unnecessary and spiteful slaughter of death row prisoners, his raising of Planned Parenthood funding to record heights, or his criminally negligent homicide of 400K Americans dead of COVID that you find the most prolife?

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How Prolife Can You Get?

All the MAGA prolife movement has to look back on over the past four years is it’s own act of prodigious self-destruction. It is a complete failure and a hypocritical cult of death. It is the biggest and loudest enemy of the Pope, the Magisterium, and the teaching of the Church; the biggest ally of a massively corrupt political machine, and the most passionate and zealous proponent of the culture of death, all while cynically brandishing the unborn as human shields for the whole repulsive charade and making open war on those of us who actually are prolife and who advocate the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.

May God deliver us from the MAGA “prolife” antichrist freak show and prosper the actual prolife movement in defense of whole human life for the whole of life.


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  1. As a longtime GOP voter looking back, I can see how their promises on the abortion front have been mostly hollow.

    I’m curious about this statement:. ” which they themselves are 100% responsible for creating.” Can you flesh that out a bit more for me? Also, please tell me a bit more about the record PP funding: last I knew, he talked of defunding them? But I realize this is mostly talk done for effect.

    1. SCOTUS has been dominated by GOP appointees since 1970. Every Dem appointee could have been in the restroom and Roe would still be the law of the land. When Casey was decided, the Court was 8-1 GOP with a prolife Dem. Trump raised PP funding to record heights. See Chart 6: And in 2018, abortion rates rose under Trump. The Right Wing Lie Machine tries to blame Dems, but the reality is they went up because Trump/GOP policy exerted pressure on the poor to abort. The abortion rate dropped most precipitously under two Presidents: Clinton and Obama. The MAGA “prolife” movement is a massive failure and betrayal.

      1. Poverty is the most powerful abortifacient.

        For that reason, Mark, you should probably consider that Planned Parenthood should be supported by everyone who is truly pro-life. By providing a broad spectrum of health care services to the poor, they prevent far more abortions than they perform.

  2. Well, sincewe are on the subject of the complete and utter moral and spiritual and political bankruptcy— also known astrumpitude— of the pro-life bowel movement…

    Here are my contributions:

    And . I don’t “know” that he is-pro-life, but he knows exactly what god wants, so I’d willing to bet 10 bucks american that he is.

    And since a wise man once said accusation is confession, here is fornicating, adulterous, three times married—the last time in theCatholicChurch- Newtie proclaiming that

    Because it would appear from the events of the last few weeks that it is not Democrats who want to exterminate Republicans, but other Republicans.

  3. Sheesh. We get it already. GOP “prolife” stance is hypocrisy, MAGA is a disaster, etc. What’s your alternative? I didn’t join them, but many of the prolifers I know supported the horribly inadequate GOP and Trump because they saw the other guys – “Abortion is Awesome!” – as, uh, even more inadequate. Time to move on to something constructive. What’s your alternative?

    1. @ manion

      It’s a real dilemma, ain’t it? Take the hard way— actions that make people’s lives better, and work to reduce abortions and make them mostly unnecessary, or the easy way- pretend you are doing something, make people’s lives more difficult, pretend you actually care about any lives except those that never, ever ask for anything back, continue to support a grift that has been going on for decades, and does nothing except make the grifters get rich and powerful.

      Some of the big wheels at the anti abortion conventions get $10,000 a speech to preach to the choir. Easy. And abortions rates continue to rise.

  4. Agree that the “hard way” is the much better way. Would love to see you write a piece devoted to that. (If you have and I’ve missed it, I apologize.) Keep up the good work!

  5. I am not getting rational here. We are support abortion, so we can stop abortion?? Huh? The pro-life movement should have never started? Just go along with the so called “right” to abortion and hope we keep the numbers down?? And where do these facts concerning the decrease in abortion come from? Are they accurate and do they count the ones done at home with the pill? By supporting the new administration are we not supporting an evil, that a good may come from it? And since now we will be funding abortion worldwide, are we not responsible for some of the reported 50 million abortions annually around the world. That’s a shocking 200,000,000 million abortions in 4 years! We’re suppose to shirk our shoulders and move on? I am not comfortable supporting this with my tax dollars, just as I am not comfortable supporting children being separated from their parents at the border and the like. I also do not the like the wholesale attack on all pro-lifers and groups. The name calling and demonizing of everyone is not acceptable. I know a lot of very good people who are trying to do what is right, trying to follow the Lord. They have no power and yet they work to save babies. Look at people like Christopher Bell in New York City who runs homes for women in crisis pregnancies’, and helps them with education and employment. Tell me he is evil, and I am done with this Blog and listening to anything said here. Please don’t respond if you are going to attack me, and name call. No one can see into the hearts of all those in the pro-life movement nor those who supported Trump. Just as no one can see into your hearts and those who voted for Biden. To accuse people as being evil who are trying to do what is right is not just.

    1. Tad – since the United States is a democracy, and since it is clear that a majority of people think that abortion should be allowed in at least some situations (e.g. rape, life of the mother threatened, etc), what, exactly, do you propose? Making war on abortion seems likely to suffer the same results as the war on drugs has.

  6. @tad

    “ . I also do not the like the wholesale attack on all pro-lifers and groups. The name calling and demonizing of everyone is not acceptable. ”

    With all respect, I think you are a bit oblivious here. For 50 years, I have listened to the anti-abortion industry – and make no mistake, it is definitely an industry – refer to pro-choice people as pro aborts, baby killers, and Nazis. That includes other questions and lots of people who are sincere in their support of abortion rights. As a gay man, I have heard exactly the same people, loving Christians to a man, call me a threat to everything good and holy, a pervert deserving of death, a child molester, a worker of iniquity, a filthy and diseased pariah who should be jailed or executed or both, and a danger to family and children. According to them, I am someone whose sex life, which concerns no one but me and my husband, is a crime against God that calls out to heaven for vengeance and causes the downfall of civilization.

    And those are just the nice people.

    This is not an attack on all pro lifers and groups, whether wholesale or retail, which it usually is. Mark has made this quite clear in the several years that I have been reading him. His attack is on the pro life industry, which is justified all manner of moral atrocities, such as the former occupant of the White House, while using the unborn as a shield for this. Absolutely, some pro life people and groups actually do care about the issue beyond it being a pathway to money and power over others. But what are we to make of the pro life superstars, who charge $10,000 a speech to preach to the choir? This is a known fact, not a hypothetical proposition. For each of those $10,000 speeches, how many women could have been supported in carrying their pregnancy to term?

    If you are really concerned about this, maybe you should talk to your industry leaders about cleaning up the moral swamp and toxic rhetorical pollution contained within it.

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