Archetypal MAGA “Prolife” Argumentation

I take seriously Jesus’ counsel not to cast pearls before swine and not to give what is sacred to dogs. Consequently, I wind up blocking a lot of liars and weirdos in the Age of Trump. I remarked on this fact over on the Book of Face when I commented that I had blocked 1710 people in the course of a decade. One such weirdo and liar, sporting his de rigeur Trump 2020 avatar immediately showed up to go through his extremely unoriginal kabuki of bullying self-pity. I offer the conversation which ensued here, mostly for the benefit of those who get flummoxed by the Cult’s use of the unborn as human shields for the cruelty they love.

Culty responded:

So you have a wall just like Trump has. You’re braking up families. The human family

What a dumb thing to say. Saying this wretchedly stupid thing while supporting a man who devised the sadistic policy of family separations is nauseating. What is wrong with you?

He replied with this straightup falsehood.

That was all started by Obama. Please be true full. Everyone is welcome thru the front door no need to treat them as second class persons taking them illegally

No. It was not. This is easy to know. That you still don’t know it after four years suggests you are committed to lying, like Trump. If you have any integrity at all, you will apologize for this lie and swear before God never to tell it again.

You lie.

You lie.

You lie.

You lie.

You lie.

You have a choice. You can repent lying that Obama created Trump’s family separation policy or you can keep telling it. Repent, and you can keep posting here. Cling to your filthy lie and you become 1711.


At this point, my reader chose the classic tactic of MAGA “Prolife” People of the Lie. This guy, who spends his days screaming “FAKE NEWS” at journalists who, when they err, apologize, retract, and correct, chose to double down on his lie and with the predictability of sunrise, try to call me a babykiller:

How about the separation of children from parents thru abortion the ripping and tearing apart of body parts from inside the mother that Biden is in full support of. Please repent for supporting a grave evil of this family separation and then you can still post here with a clean conscience. Be not afraid. God Bless

(Note the use of the tu quoque. I offered him an ultimatum for a clean conscience so he does the standard Trumpian “NO! YOU!” tactic of the cult where accusation is always confession. And he lards fake gooey piety on at the end. Again, predictable as sunrise for this cult of satanic pride. But the central sleight of hand is his ongoing dogged defense of the lie that Obama created family separations. That, not the unborn, is all he cares about defending.)

I oppose abortion, liar. Your attempt to use the unborn as human shields for your filthy lie that Trump did not create the family separation policy is the single most disgusting tactic of your lying cult. Instead of using the unborn as human shields, just admit that you are wrong and that Trump, not Obama, created the sadistic policy you are lying and deflecting in order to defend. Admit it, liar.

So you voted for Trump then

Your attempt to change the subject won’t work. Just admit that it is false that Obama began Trump’s family separation policy. Admit that this is false. Do it. Show that your lying cult is capable of admitting error.

Did you vote pro life or pro abortion in this election?

(Note the attempt to gain the upper hand in the conversation by refusing to address his lie and pressing the phony attack. Don’t fall for this bullshit aggression. You owe assholes like this nothing. They showed up to lie. You don’t have to explain yourself to them.)

You don’t give a shit about the unborn. Your true focus is on defending family separations that Trump devised. The unborn are just useful tools for you to do that.

If you’re truly prolife you’ll vote pro life. Being against abortion is being against family separation. So how did you vote?

Note all the stolen bases and lies. Vote GOP or the baby gets it. Opposing abortion taketh away the sin of family separations. Separated families at the border don’t matter. He is the prosecutor and you are guilty till proven innocent. The whole line of attack is bullshit intended to defend the initial lie that Obama invented family separations.

You came here lying that you care about breaking up families. When confronted with Trump’s family separation policy, you immediately lied that it was Obama’s fault. You have done nothing but lie and distract since then. I gave you a chance to correct yourself. You chose more lies. Goodbye, lying weirdo.


Consistent Life Ethic Catholics need not and must not be set back on their heels by lying bullies like this. Give them a chance to repent their falsehoods. But if they double down and go on the attack instead of saying, “I’m sorry. I was wrong” you don’t owe them a forum to spread their lies. Deny them a platform. Force them back into the shadows. And call them liars to their faces, not only to shame others like them, but to encourage those intimidated by their aggression.


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  1. The death toll directly linked to the January 6 insurrection has now reached eight. A second cop That was involved in the battle has committed suicide. This is the third suicide that I am aware of that occurred as a direct result of the insurrection, but I might possibly be mixing up suicides.

    “A second policeman who responded to the Capitol siege has taken his own life, the Metropolitan Police Department chief revealed to Congress on Tuesday. MPD Officer Jeffery Smith took his life “in the aftermath of that battle,” acting Chief of Police Robert Contee III said during a closed-door session of the House Appropriations Committee. Smith was a 12-year veteran of the force. Capitol police Officer Howard Liebengood, 51, died by suicide three days after the deadly insurrection by Trump supporters that killed five people.”

    That thin blue line keeps getting thinner and thinner.

  2. They are not capable of owning what they have done because the whole house of cards and their sham spirituality/patriotism would come down:

    1. The war on drugs that continues to poison democracies in other countries where gang warfare and crime syndicates rule the cities and villages.

    2. The United States Military Industrial (War) Complex enriching the few. Entire villages and cities of men women, children (the unborn!) wiped out. “We had to kill them to save them!”

    3. The installation of puppet regimes that have killed vast unreported numbers of human beings

    4.The offshoring of corporate earnings and the decimation of the American paycheck

    5. The resulting opiate crisis and despair of the American worker/destruction of their families

    6. The destruction of the American middle class in favor of corporate earnings, creating untold poverty, death(abortion!) and misery

    7.The subsidy of stock portfolios of the wealthiest individuals in the world with American tax dollars due to a lack of a living wage and necessity of welfare payments for the fully employed

    8.The war on fleeing families at our borders whose villages/countries we’ve destroyed

    9.The highest rates of incarceration in the world (war on drugs)

    10. Flagrant discrimination of women, blacks and Hispanics for top jobs in corporations and military

    11. Mental hospitals purged to cut costs, their inhabitants discarded onto the streets of our cities

    12. The abandonment of our soldiers suffering trauma and PTSD, who had prices on their heads

    13. The redlining of the best public school districts

    The Republican party has become the party of DEATH

    When they prattle off their devotions to The Divine Mercy, quote the Little Flower, signing “J.M.J” as the supposed stamp of approval on their miserably racist and selfish lives, they don’t just make fools of themselves they become blasphemous. “The Least of These” and the unborn mean absolutely nothing in the world that exists outside of their magical bells and smells catholicism.

    They can’t see it.

    1. @ taco

      Very good. pretty much sums it all up. You left out 425,000 dead people from Covid MisManagement, and the covert support of the insurrection which left five people dead on the spot, with three more afterwards. But apart from that, the list was fairly complete.

      1. And healthcare. And the rush to kill those 13. I became too depressed to go on.

        My husband just served me a gigantic glass of TGIF wine. I hope it works. Not likely.

        At least my kids still have a spring to their step. They are biking to downtown to get some pizza and ice cream. I remember when the news didn’t affect me either.

        Happy Friday my friend. “This too will pass”

    2. I think that some of your list needs to be amended. Jimmy Carter closed the Mental Hospitals in the 70’s, rightly or wrongly. The war on drugs was started on Reagan’s watch, but has continued on despite the both parties being in control over the last several decades, the same with incarcerations, the same with war on terror, etc… Both parties have had the power to change things over the last 3 to 4 decades, and both have their part to play in your list. Both parties have resorted to Drone attacks killing innocent people. This needs to stop. We need to stop the endless gorilla wars that have gone on since WWII and was justified by planners as a way of avoiding a nuclear war.

      1. Carter wanted to change the way mental care worked by making that care community based. Reagan shut it all down to save money. It didn’t save money it just shifted the cost and made rates of incarceration dramatically go up.

        Republicans need to stop branding themselves as the “party of life”. It is ludicrous. I can’t believe I ever fell for it. They have figured out how to manipulate Christians masterfully. Christians never thought they would expose their darkest, most un-Christian sentiments by supporting loud, rude, scapegoating racists. Their hero has left them with their pants down, holding the bag–not holding the baby. They don’t care about babies and certainly not brown ones (I’ve heard them call the brown ones “anchor-babies”.)

        Both Democrats and Republicans are the party of *corporate interests*. At least Democrats seem to care more when children have poisoned drinking water, and poor people don’t make enough money working two jobs to survive. They care if one cargo ship emits more carbon than all of the cars in the U.S. Democrats don’t flaunt, wink at and march for racist agendas. Not yet anyway.

      2. @tad

        As usual, you certainly have some very odd facts.

        Prohibition, One of the original drug wars, is over 100 years old. The war on marijuana is nearly 90 years old. I’m pretty sure Jimmy Carter did not close mental hospitals in the 70s.

    3. There are several who post on The Hill using avatars that are downright blasphemous. When I call them out on it, they quickly degenerate into name calling, obscenities and lies. Not sure if they’re trolls or if they’re really believe the garbage they’re spewing. There is one lefty who blames every evil in the world on Christianity. I’ve called him out on his bigotry, despite agreeing with him on several issues, and he disappears for a few days.

      1. Not a lot of utility in engaging with someone like that.

        There are people who believe that Religion of any kind is at the bottom of every bad thing.

        Best to accept that there is nothing you can do to change it. Spend your energy elsewhere.

    1. We brought my “ninth child” up with us from SB (my niece who has spent much of her childhood with us). She had never been to NorCal before. Today we took her on a tour of SF. She was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the bridge and the view to the Pacific, the city and the bay. She was over the moon when I told her that the top of the Salesforce Tower sometimes has the Eye of Sauron on the top. We drove her down one of those impossibly steep hills and through the downtown. The juxtaposition of City Hall with the encampments of poor people and addicts blew. her. away. SB has a lot of homeless people but this was next level.

      1. Over 40 years ago, when I lived in the city, even the problem with the homeless was huge. My particular focus, being in community mental health, was what they called the transient mentally disabled. The general consensus was that we must do something, but that there was nothing we could do. That hasn’t changed. The problem has remained intractable due to liberal generosity — if that’s the right word – conservative disdain, well-meaning but not reality-based solutions, closing of state mental hospitals, progressive politics, and probably a dozen other factors that haven’t changed in the intervening four decades.

        I don’t have a solution to any of it. I wish I did.

  3. @Ben,
    I’m sort of an enabler at times too. My theory is that if I’m not strict all of the time, and can let my hair down and laugh with my kids, we will share *more* mutual trust. It seems to be working as they tell me *more* than I want to know about their lives. But you’ve got to draw the line somewhere! Some of these people should be on nice farms where they can be treated for addiction and mental illness. There’s plenty of farm land. I’ve heard that in Oakland they have villages of shipping container tiny houses. There is plenty of open space for those too.

    I don’t think they have the right to live on the streets. There are enough San Francisco billionaires on hand that should have a vested interest in helping these people, even if they don’t want help. Can you imagine if we let toddlers do whatever the heck they wanted? There would be trash and feces everywhere too.

    1. Unfortunately, a good deal of the homeless problem is a result of ignorant and misguided liberalism. While there was undoubted abuse in state (and private) mental asylums, the ACLU and others went overboard and sued to end them. Of course, in their minds, the state or whomever would step in and spend the money saved on those places on treatment, etc. Guess what – rarely happened. So people with mental problems, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc. found themselves back in families (if they were lucky) who in the main didn’t have the ability or finances or deal with them, or on their own with zero funds or help. Instead of fixing the problem, they made it infinitely worse. Now, of course, with the economy in the toilet, families and others now find themselves on the streets. How many of us are one paycheck away from homelessness, especially in places like SF where affordable housing is nearly nonexistent? And it doesn’t help when communities do spend money to address it, and God knows why!, homes wind up costing double the market rate of other homes! Hasn’t anyone heard of manufactured homes that cost a lot less than other houses? We need to bring back “kit” houses like Sears, Wards and other builders sold to consumers in the first 50 years of the 20th century that consumers could literally build by themselves for far less money. BTW, a lot of those homes are still standing – they were so well manufactured.

      1. @Towa

        I don’t think it is primarily a problem of ignorant and misguided liberalism, though as i indicate in my comment above, it is certainly a contributory factor. All the rest of what you wrote doesn’t need ignorant and misguided liberalism to make it true. The liberal solution was to throw money at the problem, because, as you note, “:who in the main didn’t have the ability or finances or deal with them, or on their own with zero funds or help. ” But ignorant and misguided conservatism doesn’t help, either, as Reagan’s solution also demonstrated.

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