I used to marvel at how the same tricks have worked for 30,000 years to catch fish

Now I wonder at how the same dumb tricks may catch conservatives for the next 30,000 years.

Fish have brains the size of your little fingernail. What excuses do the whackos who believe in Jewish Space Lasers and the COVID conspiracy have? This is the GOP now.


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  1. I’ve been raising fish for 25 years. Most of them have a good deal more wisdom and compassion than the GOP even if they don’t have a lot of high order cognition.

  2. Excuses for believing conspiracies

    1) A motive to discredit the accepted case because it (creates significant negative impacts / is presented by a real or perceived opponent / blocks an opportunity, etc)

    2) Lack of information or ability to interpret the information available appropriately.

    3) Human nature, which in our fallen state is prone to suspicion about others

    4) Actual conspiracies – whether accurate in any given case or not, past experience can lend often undue credibility to other theories.

    And like most human failings, this is not merely a conservative matter. For example on the topic of vaccines, here’s some Pew survey results grouping perceptions of vaccine safety, showing fairly close trends from left to right on single axis political spectrum:

    That survey was, of course, prior to COVID-19, and the successful manipulation of the topic into a political one.

  3. Conspiracy theories are a brain suck for people who are not happy with the way their life has turned out.

  4. Never heard of Mental Hygiene before. Having just done a quick Google search–I still can’t decide if it was a good or bad movement. Nothing I read seems to have any connection to filling asylums with antisemites. Putting it with fluoridation and the polio vaccine suggests at least that it may have been a good idea.

  5. Cringing horde of zombies, eh?

    All of the documentaries I have seen on the subject of zombies agree that they travel in hordes, but are never cringing. If they can’t get their basic facts right, why should I believe anything that they say?

  6. My little Republican glowered at me when I made reference to what you posted. He said, “well you DO know that the first Polio vaccines caused TERRIBLE problems before they fixed it, right? He was irate that you can be banned from social media for questioning. I told him that we are in a health crisis and that you can’t yell fire in a theater AND the birth control pill causes blood clots in one in a thousand.

    When I told my daughter that she said, “male lives are at stake”.

    I replied “male lives matter.”

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