On This Day in 1999

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold decided to massacre their classmates in what was at that time the still-traumatizing phenomenon of what is now the everyday occurrence of a mass shooting in America.

The Gun Cult responded as it has always and ever done: with lies. It lied that the problem was video games. It lied that the problem was absence of prayer in schools. On this occasion, the butchers had queried some of their victims about their faith before slaughtering them, giving conservative Christians a rare opportunity to claim martyrdom in America that they squandered–as they would go on to squander hundreds and thousands of times in the next 22 years–by siding squarely with empowering the butchers to kill again and again and again while attacking those trying to save the lives of the innocent as the real threats.

They lied that there was no point to regulating arms since people would just use rocks to kill: prompting all sane people to support the “Confiscate Guns and Give Out Free Rocks Acts” proposed countless times on the internet in contempt for their filthy lies.

They lied that gun rights were for fighting the next Civil War (a claim destroyed by our last Civil War, but mysteriously made popular again when the President became brown and just as mysteriously dropped when his successor bragged to an audience of white NRA members that he was going to lard the cops with a ton of weaponry).

They lied that Obama was about to confiscate all guns in Texas in Operation Jade Helm.

They lied that 40K dead Americans annually did not not matter since 2/3 of them were suicides and so didn’t count–till they lied that suicide mattered to them above all things (in order to fight the sanity of COVID restrictions by lying that lockdowns drove up the suicide rate when it had, in fact, dropped in 2020).

They lied (after every slaughter between 1999 and now) that it was “too soon” to talk about preventing the next slaughter–and then immediately they shouted that the one and only solution was more guns, despite the fact that our gun slaughter rate has done nothing but climb for twenty years while gun regulations in other countries kept their slaughter rates much lower than ours.

They lied that unless gun regs completely eradicated 100% of gun violence they were a waste of time, pointing to the occasional act of violence in a foreign country and saying “AHA! See?”

They lied that the Mythical Good Guy with a Gun was the only solution to gun violence while a) ignoring the absolutely statistically certainty of an annual gun death toll north of 30,000 and b) ignoring the fact that the Cult’s presumption is and always has been that every single armed person is a Good Guy right up until the second he opens fire in Vegas, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Parkland, etc.

They have, in fact, done nothing but lie for two solid decades.

  • They have lied that victims had it coming for not being armed when a black church was shot up by Dylann Roof.
  • They have lied that with their silence that Philando Castile had it coming when, as a law-abiding citizen, he was butchered for riding in the back of a car and the NRA was stony silent about it.
  • They have lied that Tamir Rice had it coming when that little kid was shot down in cold blood for playing with a toy gun while black in an open-carry state.
  • They have lied that psychos carrying artillery to Home Depot are normal and not nuts.
  • They have lied that the parents of Sandy Hook were part of a conspiracy to slaughter their own children in order to make the Gun Cult look bad.
  • They have lied that the victims of Vegas were part of a conspiracy to make the Gun Cult look bad.
  • They have lied David Hogg was a ‘crisis actor’ and even put his face and the face of other Parkland kids on targets.
  • They have lied that they care about victims of gun violence when in fact their uniform approach to every slaughter is not “What can we do to help?” but “DON’T BLAME ME! MORE GUNS!”

And, on this day, which Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold specifically chose for their slaughter because it is Hitler’s Birthday, it is worth noting that this cult of lies has lied for decades that guns are necessary because all that stands between Future Hitler and American civilization is them and their narcissistic fetish.

Here is reality: If you believe in offering 40,000 real human sacrifices to your gun now because you fear Imaginary Future Hitler later, you are both a fool and a willing, selfish accomplice to murder. Since 1999, there have been (at a conservative estimate) 770K deaths by gun in the United States. Imaginary Future Hitler has not killed anybody (though the MAGA Gun Cult, marching under the banner of the swastika at Charlottesville and on January 6 definitely dreams of their firing squads.)

There is no moral difference between such willingness commit human sacrifice now to bring about some imaginary good later and a Communist butchering millions of real victims now to achieve some imaginary utopia later. Both the Cult and the Communist believe the ends justify the means. They are both enemies of God and man.

And it does not matter one iota, by the way, O Cultist, that you do not personally pull the trigger in those 35-40K deaths you fight to help happen each year. Most of Stalin’s and Mao’s and Pol Pot’s supporters did not personally kill anybody either. But they did nothing to stop them and everything in their power to help them. If you are not actively opposed to our Gun Cult, you are an accomplice to the yearly mass murder of 35,000-40,000 people–and that does not count the wounded, maimed, crippled, and traumatized your sociopathic cult pumps out like a factory.

And if, in addition to your selfish evil, you have the gall as a conservative Christian Gun Cultist to prance about calling yourself “prolife” I spit on your lies.

God rest the souls of the victims of Columbine–and of all victims of our never-ending slaughter courtesy of the Gun Cult.


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    1. They singled out jocks and minorities. Killing the jocks that had bullied them was just an added bonus to what was a white supremacist killing spree on Hitler’s birthday.

  1. You left out the part where the super mad-max-eriffic snowflakes have to out armed like rambo robocops into the world that they are any year going to make as safe and secure as their mother’s ample Bosoms…

    To buy a sammich.

  2. Jimmy Akin has said that a catholic can in good conscience support the USA’s existing gun laws.

    Jimmy is an expert on the magesteriun.

    1. Guess what? A Catholic can also oppose them in good conscience. And that Catholic will have the teaching of the American bishops in his corner: https://www.usccb.org/resources/backgrounder-gun-violence

      One of the many dangers of MAGA Catholic glorification of folk heroes over the Church’s guidance is the preference for the word of one folk hero over the actual teaching of the bishops. Listen to the Church first and folk heroes second.

    1. You cannot simultaneously invoke the Magisterium and spit on it. You are simply telling yourself what your itching ears want to hear, which is par for the course for the Gun Cult, which does nothing but lie.

  3. Hi Mark: Thanks for this post. I am a Columbine graduate (wasn’t there during the shooting). I grew up in the evangelical church but left it in direct response to how they handled the shooting. Franklin Graham and his ilk, who descended upon Littleton in the days and weeks after the shooting, were so abhorrent that I wanted nothing to do with them or with Christianity. When the Clintons went to Light of the World Catholic Church to comfort the victims, NRA and pro-gun protesters marched the sidewalks outside. In so many ways, this day, 22 years ago opened my eyes to the selfish cancer that is me-over-we individualism and how many Christians go to the mat over their “rights” to hurt others.

    Gun violence is a problem that can be fixed. We daily make the decision that we don’t want to fix it. And people die due to our selfishness. May God have mercy on us.

  4. I was told by multiple USA catholic bishops that all religions are equal. Why should I trust the catholic bishops?

  5. Multiple catholic bishops still fold positions shuffled molesters around. I do t trust them as far as I can throw theM

  6. Life doesn’t give us answers. We get choices between sets of trade-offs. Everything has a cost.

    Depending on your proposed “common sense solutions,” you may be offering as few as 1,500,000 crime victims every year on your altar of “no more mass shootings,” and very likely more, quite probably a LOT more. There are a LOT more law-abiding citizens going armed now than were when the Clinton DOJ’s researchers Jens and Ludwig came up with that minimum (not contradicting the 2,500,000 million estimated by Kleck and Gertz, and admitting the possibility of 4,500,000 or more people defending themselves with guns every year, and not firing a shot in over 90% of encounters, and “almost certainly” preventing at least one death in over 15% of encounters, and “probably” preventing at least one death in another 14% — over 350,000 to 725,000 lives SAVED by armed citizens every year). There are now over 17 armed citizens with a license to carry concealed for each law enforcement officer in the US. And there are millions more who don’t need a license to legally carry a concealed firearm. That is a lot of real people to relegate to mythical status of “good guy with a gun.”

    The reason that the suicides don’t matter IN THE GUN DEBATE is that suicides kill themselves regardless of the availability of a firearm. If prohibiting firearms prevented suicides, South Korea (which also prohibits private ownership of most weapons) would have the lowest suicide rate in the world, instead of the highest. Taking away guns doesn’t prevent suicide. Every time anyone’s compared suicide rates before and after confiscating large numbers of civilian firearms, there was no change in suicide rates. But taking away guns does stop legal armed self-defense, which stops around 2,500,000 crimes, and probably over 700,000 deaths, every year. If you want to prevent suicide (and I absolutely, actually do), why not concentrate on some policy that will actually prevent suicides? And maybe one that doesn’t have such a huge and hideous social cost?

    1. @rudy

      “If prohibiting firearms prevented suicides, South Korea (which also prohibits private ownership of most weapons) would have the lowest suicide rate in the world, instead of the highest”. Your response is what we call “confirmation bias”. Your “research” simply confirms what you already decided. “ In this case, you posited a non sequitur which you them decided was a sequitur, if guns were easily available, we might expect to find even more suicides in South Korea.

      This is just deja poo—crap I’ve heard before. Countries like germany, japan, and great britain, with meaning ful gun control, have something on the order of 1% of our gun deaths. Your korean argument is basically the nonsense that a car, a knife, a bottle of poison, or even a hammer are just as lethal as a gun. So why do you need a gun when you can put a knife, a jar of poison, and a hammer in your car?

      But in any case, it is simply a reiteration of the belief that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. More accurately, people with guns kill people, including themselves.

      I have noticed repeatedly that people without guns rarely shoot anyone.

      I have also noticed that if one kid is hitting the other kids on the playground with a stick, we take away the stick from the one kid. We don’t give all the other kids sticks.

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