The “Prolife” Eugenics Cult

Herd immunity, for Normals and educated people, means that enough people in a given population are immune to a disease that those who cannot receive immunization are protected from contracting that disease by their neighbors not being transmission vectors. In a sane and rightly ordered community that considers the common good and the least of these, this means that every responsible citizen who can do so will be vaccinated against that disease, not only for their own sake, but for the sake of their vulnerable neighbor.

But for MAGA, “Herd Immunity” means “Let the Pandemic burn through the population and cull the Herd of the weak and unfit. If they be like to die, they had better do it, and help decrease the surplus population.”

The Church is clear. Vaccination is a moral obligation and an expression of love of neighbor.

But MAGA Catholics and insurrectionists are not only committed to overthrowing free and fair elections, they are also committed to overthrowing the Magisterium:

And why? Because of their commitment to the MAGA definition of “Herd Immunity” which is nothing other than straight-up Eugenics. Here is MAGA folk hero Abby Johnson urging the Cult to refuse to wear masks and “build up immunity” by spreading the disease:

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says 'Abby Johnson @AbbyJohn... May 13 The mount of people who are allowing themselves to be controlled by the government is truly astounding. Wake up, people. The sooner we stop wearing masks the sooner we will build up immunities to fight this virus. Guess what? IT'S NOT GOING AWAY. 358 860 3.5K'

And here she is, declaring her commitment to terrorism rather than having to consider for one second the lives of others:

MAGA “prolife” heroes, such as Abby Johnson, who call for “Herd Immunity” instead of masks, social distancing and vaccines tell us that the Pandemic “only” has a 1% death toll. That’s not true. It’s 1.8%.

But even assuming it were true, what they mean is that we should have let the Pandemic kill +3 million of the weak and unfit so that the rest of us will be genetically and immunologically Super Men and a Master Race.

Now remember: These are the same people that pretend that “even one” aborted child is one too many and pretend to care about the 800K aborted last year.

Yet they fight with every fiber of their being to make sure that as many Americans as possible are infected by a deadly disease that has killed 572K Americans.

They lie and try to shame Normals by calling them “afraid” and “cowards” for thinking about the vulnerable. They sneer at “mouth diapers” while carrying their AR-15s to the grocery store because, in the MAGA cult, accusation is always confession.

They lionize lunatics like Fr. James Altman, who spits on the sane precautions the bishops have instituted across the US, because they are a dissenting sect committed to MAGA lies and contempt for the lives of the weak.

By the end of this year, thanks to their efforts at protesting and defying public health measures, as well as resisting vaccination, this “prolife” cult will not have prevented a single abortion. But they will have succeeded in helping to kill right around 800K Americans with Pandemic, with a bonus 40K lost to their gun fetish.

They don’t care about human life. They care about right wing shibboleths and code words. They care about power. They care about spite. They would, if they had their way, have killed +5 million Americans (including thousands of unborn children in the wombs of COVID victims), all for their sake of the intensely selfish narcissism and posturing about “freedom”. And if they had gotten their way, that “freedom” would have come at the cost of the destruction of a free and fair election and the establishment of their dimestore antichrist as dictator-for-life.

All Normals and sane Catholics must oppose this deadly freak show for the sake of both the bodies and souls of people committed to the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.


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  1. I’m wondering if perhaps any atheists have been telling the believers for the past few years, on these very pages perhaps, that all of this hyper-Qhristian, religio-political activity, had little if anything to do with love, morality, god, or goodness…

    …but was instead a drive towards absolute power, lotsa money, religious dominion in an avowedly secular society, and revenge on anyone who had the ovaries or cojones to be uppity.

    If only there had been people who stood up for the last 30 years or so, and pointedly pointed out an important point: that ganging up on the people that some other people really don’t approve of, trying to control other people’s lives, and claiming it was all about LOVE— love love love love love— when it patently was not…

    …especially since those other people’s morality and love was clearly suspect to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention.

    My point— and I do have one— is that all of this– ALL OF THIS— was highly predictable. Like Anita Bryant’s divorce 41 years ago: it was against every one of her Qhristian beliefs, so she said. But she did it anyway, and admitted it was all about power and money.

    Something happened to me on these very pages a few months past. I have written several times about my involvement as a young man in the abortion fight in Hawai’i 50 years ago. A number of things had always bothered me about the huge displays of blood and gore that the anti-abortion crowd displayed, but there was always something very elusive, apart from the obvious, that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. And then Mark— Thanks, Mark!— said something apocalyptical that revealed what it was.

    THEY WERE GETTING OFF ON IT! They were scaring themselves, thrilling themselves, enjoying themselves, practically reveling in all of the blood and gore. It was all bad children, making a smelly mess on the floor, and proudly announcing “DADDY! DADDEEEEEEEE! LOOKEE THE BIG DOODY I DID!”

    Now, daddy, YOU clean it up.

    I had already to come to that conclusion about the finger wagging, moralizing busybodies i have encountered over the decades who would go into graphic detail, in the imaginations of their dark hearts, all about my sex life as a gay man. As if I would graphically discuss it in public, and with the likes of THEM. They just loved talking dirty. It gave them such a sense of superiority and, I am convinced, a little frisson “down there“. For something that they found so disgusting, nay, horrific, they sure liked to talk about it.

    And this is also what I have been writing about for years: it isn’t just about MY rights and participation in society as a gay man, an American citizen, and being a productive and contributing member of my society. It was also about STRAIGHT RIGHTS: the right of the heterosexual majority to conduct their lives as they saw fit, without moralizing busy bodies trying to control them and hiding behind religion to do it. It was about protecting yourselves while protecting us. All of that tyranny of the majority stuff is just fine as long as you think you’re in the majority.

    And now, thanks to the Abbie Johnson’s of the world, you’re finding out something else. It isn’t just about your rights and participation in society. It is about your very lives, as in staying alive, and having your loved ones and family staying alive. Because far right Qhristians, for all of their prattling, don’t really care about life. They care about power, money, dominion, and REVENGE.

    And frankly, as far as I can tell, placing themselves squarely on the throne of god himself. For them, the book of Job isn’t a morality play. It’s an instruction manual.

    1. And no sooner did I hit post, than THIS hid my feeds. Peter D’Abrosca, a former candidtate in that bastion of pro-life Qhristian democracy, North Qarolina, writes for American Greatness:

      “I’m not really avoiding the vaccine due to potential medical complications, or because of the speed with which it was produced. Personal liberty is not the reason I’m avoiding it, either. I’m not a member of the “don’t tread on me” club. Though I don’t think mandated “vaccine passports” are a brilliant idea, my refusal to take the vaccine is not related to some perceived or real government overreach.

      My primary reason for refusing the vaccine is much simpler: I dislike the people who want me to take it, and it makes them mad when they hear about my refusal. That, in turn, makes me happy. Maybe it’s petty, but the thought of the worst people on planet earth, those whom I like to call the Branch Covidians, literally shaking as I stroll into Target vaccine-free, makes me smile.”

      Virtue signaling and sociopathy, all tied up with a prettybow.

      1. My, oh my. The hits just keep oncoming. Fr. Altman is at it again. From the LaCrosse Tribune:

        “A local priest whose public condemnation of Democrats as “Godless hypocrites” sparked both outcry and defense last fall has now drawn new attention for his anti-vaccine rhetoric and largely maskless services.

        The Rev. James Altman. Reverend! Hahahahahaha. seriously? I could spot that tinkywinky glow from down the block.

        “A community member last week shared with the Tribune a photo from Easter Services at St. James the Less Catholic Church where Father James Altman presides, showing a crowded church, and a page from a church bulletin calling vaccines “an experimental use of a genetic altering substance that modifies your body — your temple of the Holy Spirit.”

        The flyer, which was posted to the church’s website as of press time and reviewed by the Tribune, states it is “diabolical for anyone to virtue-signal/shame/compel you to take such an experimental drug, making you nothing other than a guinea pig,” and also says those recommending inoculation are “lying to your face.”

        “God is still the best doctor and prayer is still the best medicine,” the missive closes.

        According to the community member, Altman during his sermons has declared COVID-19 a “hoax,” and approximately 300-500 parishioners were in attendance at his services Easter weekend.

        The photo obtained and reviewed by the Tribune, which is a screenshot from a video of one of the Easter masses, shows at least 50 people in the first five rows of pews crowded together, appearing to not be wearing masks.

        The Tribune also found and reviewed the video, which was posted to a YouTube page of Altman’s videos. The video shows around 170 parishioners walking up to receive communion — many of them by the mouth, not the hand — as well as few, if any, masks among the crowd.”

        There is more. but read it yourselves. Faster, pussycat. die! die! I’m sure that all of that godlike power gives him a special little frisson.

      2. Well, the hits just keep on coming. Here’s another one. I know he’s not a Catholic, but he is a pastor, nay! A BIshop!. He delivered the invocation for the Florida legislature.

        Bishop tyrone D Smith says Welfare rewards laziness! Says the guys who lives on donations from his flock o’ sheep. That’ s what he said, and he wore a very nice suit to deliver the message. Matthew 25-35? Loaves and fishes? Not on his watch, which is probably a Rolex. More likely, loathes and vicious.

        But hey! He trashed abortion rights, One more time proving that his ilk cares more about the unborn than they already born.

  2. Well, now you know what it looked like for us Normals when the Catholic Church opposed the use of condoms to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

    1. Chaste people don’t get aids when not using a condom. I suppose normalcy is a debatable concept, but ”stay chaste and use a vaccine” seems pretty solid advice when faced with viruses.

      1. Actually, you’re quite wrong about that.

        A lot of African women got/get AIDS when they had sex with their philandering husbands. A lot of gay men I knew 30 odd years ago got AIDS because their partners were or had been sluts. One of my dearest friends died 25 years ago because his BF had been cheating on him for years. The BF is still around, last I heard.

      2. @ Ben. You’re not wrong of course, but the, wearing condom – depending on the exact details of the intercourse – doesn’t help you either if your male partner doesn’t.

  3. I guess for me the problem is despite your stupid endless hypocrisy I still think on some level you’re not a liar. I think I may be wrong…its strange because you give these long sanctimonious posts about how to be catholic and its so obviously fraudulent and hypocritical and its hard to disagree given that the bishops do basically agree with you. They don’t mention the rapist Joe Bidens deliberate border crisis importing covod infected illegals, like you they don’t talk about the retarded levels of black violence wrt guns. That IS the Catholic Church.

    1. You clearly live in the Western Washington area as your IP keeps resolving to places nearby. Do you have the courage to have lunch and talk? Or shall you just keep sending futile insults? Let me know if you want to try lunch. My treat.

      1. I’m late to the discussion, but that lunch invitation is a *great* move. Maybe two people face to face (but distanced if not vaccinated!) can have an actual conversation. Nicely done, Mark. From one of your atheist fans.

  4. It’s been true and literally obvious since the “Conservatives” threw in with the Evangelicals, to push Creation “Science” or to deny climate change. My arrogant little heart is shamefully amused by their illiteracy, the pride they take in being stupid. My better self rejects my pride; my common sense reminds me that it’s not themselves they will kill with their ignorance.

  5. Eh Mark! Don’t you think that the above comment by S9dp should be deleted? It is not a correct way to talk to you “in your own living room”… In addition to showing a large amount of ignorance, it is offensive!

    1. The only reason I let it pass was so I could see if this anonymous guy has the stone to meet me in person for lunch. I doubt he does, but it seems worth a try. He posts obsessively but I normally just trash without reading. So his writing is mostly self-medication for his…. Issues. But I got curious where he was posting from and realized they all come from my area. Part of me wonders if we’ve met and he is just too frightened to let me put a face to his current stalker persona.

      1. No, we’ve never met before. Wrt meeting thanks but no thanks. You’re right my commenting has been sort of therapeutic somehow but I’ve been feeling pangs of conscience that I should stop. So I will, sorry for the minor annoyance…

  6. I had never heard of Fr. James Altman, so I looked him up. At first he reminded me of that poor kid from New Orleans that had the satanic orgy on the altar.

    So this one’s from Wisconsin. Isn’t Covid spreading like crazy up there?

    I scanned a few articles. What leaps to the forefront is a man who is desperate for attention, and will take any spotlight he can get.

    There’s a certain kind of priest that just thrives on being a Diva. We had to switch parishes because of our local Diva (who threatened to quit the priesthood if they move him to a less appealing town). They behave like little princes in their kingdoms. Whatever was lacking in their childhood, teens, twenties, and thirties finally finds a very troubling culmination in the PRIESTHOOD of all things. It’s like it was their last chance to prove their greatness to the world because they have such little credibility with their family and peers.

    WHEN are they going to start screening these men for arrested development with rigorous psychological tests?

    Our new pastor was successful in the business world. After years of being an achiever he felt a deeper yearning to serve. He is calm, he is kind, he has a quiet confidence. He is like clear water–what you see is what you get and there is no impediment to finding Jesus.

    Ugh. So sick of preening Diva priests. And so sick of their fawning enablers. You put a roman collar on one of these jokers and it’s like they hit the jackpot for all of the wrong reasons.

    The Abby Johnsons of the world? –she has a lot of the same manias but at least she’s not spouting her gun totin’ conspiracy theories en Persona Christi.

    1. The one that I somehow find more than a little creepy is Fr. Mark Goring, but I can’t put my finger on exactly why.

      1. Well thanks Google. Now I know about Fr. Mark Goring too. I didn’t watch a single video or click on an article but the headlines said enough.

        They are trying to make their lives more exciting at our expense. Another peacocking Diva with the secret sauce recipe!

      2. I have heard of him. But he’s not really on my radar. If I had to make a guess a what what bothers you, he considers himself a prophet in the hellfire and brimstone tradition of Pentecostals and super Baptists. He has the fire of the auto-da-fe in his eyes.

        I know what else bothers me about him, but that I won’t say.

    2. You say diva. I think he is thinking more along the lines of divine. You may be right about the origins of that. As you describe it, it sounds so much like the guys who last kissed glory at the Big Game when he was 18.

  7. Quite impressive, Mark. I left the GOP before we met. You have confirmed every reason I left with a greater confirmation of why I did it. Thank you for helping my eyes continue to open. Your blog and posts help me as a new convert and an anti-MAGA Catholic. God Bless–Julie Nichols

  8. “Let the Pandemic burn through the population and cull the Herd of the weak and unfit. If they be like to die, they had better do it, and help decrease the surplus population.”

    This was actually the Cuomo nursing home strategy. It worked.

    1. Then you must be very upset that it’s biggest boosters are “prolife” MAGA Christians now. After all, the first couple months of the Pandemic were learning curve. To continue willfully doing proven deadly and stupid things is evil. So you must really care a lot that the MAGA cult doggedly persists in what you condemn Cuomo for doing. Right?

      Right? Speak into the mike.

  9. Mark, I am so thankful a brave Catholic writer like you is willing to call out the “pro-life” hypocrisies of the GOP and the MAGA Catholics who support these hypocrisies. Leaving the GOP and conservative white Church culture has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made although difficult. The sick marriage of white Christian conservative culture, Donald Trump, and the GOP all boils down to marginalizing non-white racial cultures, the disadvantaged, and the vulnerable, and I as a Catholic, I cannot live with that, so I left that world.

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