How to Create a Structure of Sin

Structures of Sin are what the Church means by organizations designed (whether wilfully or by negligence) to make it easy to sin and hard to be virtuous.

Things humans build do not do what you want them to do. They do what you design them to do. That is why percussive maintenance is stupid. Computers aren’t out to get you. They just do what they were designed to do and if they were not designed to do the thing you want they will not do that thing no matter how often you pound on them.

Same with organizations. If you design them to hinder virtue and reward evil, they will go on doing that, no matter how many nice people you put into them.

Case in point, training cops using the services of this deadly and toxic weirdo is going to create a police department filled with deadly, toxic weirdos:

Not only does he urge cops to be swift to kill, but he urges them to see murder as one hell of an aphrodisiac:

When you let depraved weirdos train your cops, you get whole departments full of depraved weirdos.

To recap: Predators go where prey is. Sadists and death fetishists with a hunger for violence will naturally gravitate to professions where violence is permitted and if you train them that it’s okay, they will indulge themselves and protect one another as they do. Such professions therefore need the opposite of this depraved weirdo training them.

They need to screen out the sadists and killers right from the start and, the instant they manifest, they need to be kicked out and prosecuted. Derek Chauvin should not have required the combined force of a global outcry to be punished. A system that requires such force to dynamite a killer out of his job and into prison is precisely what is meant by a Structure of Sin.

And if the killer is treated like One Bad Apple but the Structure of Sin lovingly preserved and protected, you will just get more murder and sadism.


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    1. @ joel

      It’s whataboutism, bothsiderism, racism, and authoritarianism, all tied up in a cute, sociopathic little bow and triple dipped in psycho.

      It is exactly the same as the right to life Qhristians who keep saying that the economy is more important than 600,000 dead people, and if you don’t want to die, stay home, because they’re not wearing masks, social distancing, or getting vaccinations.

      One can only hope that they are at least washing their hands.

  1. Speaking of structures of sin…no comment.

    Pope Francis set a $48 gift cap for all Vatican employees Thursday and issued a new law requiring Vatican cardinals and managers to periodically report on their compliance with clean financial practices in one of his biggest efforts yet to crack down on corruption in the Holy See.

    The law requires Vatican superiors to declare every two years that they aren’t stashing money in tax havens and aren’t under criminal investigation for tax evasion, money laundering or other crimes. They also must declare that any investments they hold are in funds consistent with Catholic doctrine.

    The crackdown comes as Vatican prosecutors are nearly two years into a corruption investigation involving the Vatican’s investment in a London real estate venture. Francis has preached about cleaning up the Holy See’s murky financial practices for eight years, but the new law marks his biggest step yet to ensure his own cardinals and managers are clean.

  2. I knew I had watched a recent video on the subject but I couldn’t find it at the time of this post. Turns out, it was on the full episode of a YouTube show I watch called “The Damage Report”. A clip of the section discussing this topic was posted recently:

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