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Libertarianism is nothing but an ideology that aims to use the power of the state to protect the powerful from the demands of justice at the expense of the weak.

Don’t believe it? Here is a Libertarian in chemical purity:

A lawless, unaccountable, rich white guy free from all the interfering botheration of the state is the fundamental dream of Libertarianism. Just look at the beau ideal of Libertarianism, Rand Paul, one of Trump’s greatest defenders, as he tramples all over the vulnerable in his war on public health because it infringes his selfish selfishness of Selfdom.

On Earth, they call it Libertarianism. In Hell, they call it Divide and Conquer.


Out of my entire high school education, hands down the most valuable class I ever took was typing. My entire adult career depended on it.


The core truth that the “Kingdom of God = Western Civilization/America” types have blasphemously rejected. It is the loss of this truth that gave birth to centuries of different forms of oppression for Caesar in the Name of God and, most recently, resulted in MAGA fascists and their Euro-allies spitting in the faces of Amazonian Catholics, calling them pagan idolators, and tossing their statue in honor of Our Lady of the Amazon in the Tiber when their only crime was to come seeking access to the sacraments for their people.


SCOTUS is taking up an abortion-related case that many fear and many hope will end our abortion regime. Do I think a GOP Court–dominated by 50 years of GOP jurisprudence which created (with Roe) and entrenched (with Casey) our abortion regime–will overturn Roe?

No, I don’t.

I could be wrong of course. I’ve been wrong before. But the incredible track record for wrongness of the Cult that has been so wrong about so much so many times for so long strongly suggests that their talent for wrongness, coupled with the history of the GOP SCOTUS, will result in the upholding of our abortion regime. That’s what happened with Casey 30 years ago when an 8-1 GOP Court (with a prolife Dem on it) upheld Roe. And did the blindest demographic in history learn from this betrayal and stop voting GOP? Of course not. Because the unborn are not really their priority. Using the unborn as human shields for the lies and cruelty of the GOP are their priority. So they keep voting GOP no matter what the GOP does, even when The Most Prolife President in History drives abortion rates up.

And I think the Cult will not care and will learn nothing when SCOTUS again upholds our abortion regime, because abortion only matters to them as an excuse. As long as their real desires–cruelty to the weak and brown–continue to be satisfied, they will shrug and overlook it when the GOP Court again upholds their abortion regime.

“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” – Lyndon Johnson


Trump cultists are Darwinianly choosing to turn COVID into the MAGA plague. God pity the weak who cannot get out of their way. The Confederacy once again chooses to punish itself for its wilful, spiteful evil.

One of the countless ways they do this is with the following “joke” they beat to death in their tiresome way:

The Herd of Independent Thinkers who download all their originality from FOX are now regurgitating this again and again. What they mean by this is “We think trans people are contemptible and we absolutely reject their self-definition and spit on them. However, because we are Total and Complete Liars, we will use the language we categorically reject for those we hate in order to lie through our teeth about our own vaccination status, because we hold everybody in contempt and do not care if they live or die so long as we can do whatever selfish thing we want. We are utter and complete People of the Lie who do not have one straw of self-consistency left beyond, ‘I want what I want when I want it’.”


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  1. They’re sociopaths. No man is an island, which is why liberalism – in its extreme form – is untenable. Collectivism of course is a plague as well. This why the Catholic Church rightly emphasizes the importance, not of the individual, but of the PERSON, endowed with indivudual right, but just as much only able to flourish within a community.

  2. “Do I think a GOP Court . . . will overturn Roe? No, I don’t.”

    I still say you’re going to eat those words. Republican judges 30 years ago looked very different from the Republican judges we have today, because the Federalist Society has for the past generation been totally diligent about weeding out jurists who show any sign of independent thought. Blinkered partisan hackery is now considered normal among Republican judges – here is a recent case in point, handed down by a Bush appointee:–%20Miller%2020210604.pdf

    Thomas, Barrett, Alito, and “I Like Beer” will absolutely vote to kill Roe. Roberts and Asterisk are coin flips. So the odds are strong that Roe falls.

    Your criticism, that decades of R governance has still left abortion legal everywhere, is obvious enough that even the hacks now see the need to show some progress. They will kill Roe so that they can spend the NEXT 40 years saying, “See? We killed Roe! Give to our PAC!”

    Perhaps 20 states will actually ban abortion when allowed. Rich women from those states will just fly to blue states to meet their reproductive-choice needs. Poor women from those states will not, so those states will see a major surge in botched back-alley abortions and foundling newborns left on fire station doorsteps. The governors will naturally blame the women for this.

    1. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before. But 50 years of GOP abortion rights suggests that our abortion regime is not going anywhere. It’s the greatest grift in the world.

      1. The way the pro-life movement has evolved, it has nowhere to go but the GOP. Suburban women enjoying their ”reproductive rights”, on the other hand, are fickle when it comes to party choice. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right.

  3. Remember all the trumpeting about herd immunity? Given the poor record of vaccinations in many states, I foresee an uptick in COVID again. The sheer stupidity of people is breathtaking. BTW, Tucker, Hannity, etc. are spouting anti-vax messages. I suspect they were among the first in line to get them – just like Trump and his family. Which is really odd. Trump was claiming he beat the virus and was immune forever. So why did Trump and Melania get the vaccine?

    1. Cult leaders don’t actually live by the edicts they hand down to the simpletons and worker bees.

    2. @ towa

      I am very much concerned about the same thing, especially as things begin to open up in conjunction withan apparent uptick in crazy anti-VAXers.

      My husband wants to get on the plane. He wanted to go to Alaska next month. Fortunately, it’s more money than he wants to spend, because he wasn’t listening to me about not getting it onto an airplane. Then he was talking about Hawaii. Now he’s talking about going to New Orleans in October. I told him I wanted to wait till the end of June to see what happens with the openings, the relaxation of standards, and the Qraziness.

      Now he’s upset with me because I don’t want to get on an airplane, or even commit to going on one even if I can get off of it.

      1. Hawaii seems to be a good bet given their vaccine rates and restrictions. And some of the airlines are getting restrictive – I suspect they’re worried about an uptick also. Check what Hawaii wants from visitors. Given the very lax standards in New Orleans, I wouldn’t go near them.

  4. Vaccination rates correlate well with two factors — (1) Voting pattern in 2020 and (2) Diversity level, especially African Americans. You can see the diversity impact in the chart. Even among Biden states, the whiter northeast has better vaccination compared to the more diverse Biden states. Similar amongst Trump states, white states (ND, SD, IA) are higher than diverse states (LA, MS, AL, etc.)

    1. I can see why brown people don’t trust that white people have their best interests in mind.

  5. Smoke and mirrors. The GOP knows that chemical abortions, which are now more common than surgical ones, will take care of their problem with brown babies. That genie is out of the bottle and they know it. It’s safe for them to act like heroes now. In Finland, over 90% of abortions are performed with pills. Western Europe is close behind.

    Republicans will get to act like they defeated the dragon, all while keeping it plump and well fed. They are drunk on the blood of martyrs, but never quite satiated.

    And we will all run around like the sky is suddenly falling because the word Roe makes us act like crazy people. (Rest assured they will figure out a way to weed out the Downs kids …with a loophole. They are excellent at utilizing loopholes.)

    Window dressing.

  6. to quote John Kenneth Galbraith: “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

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