A brief conversation with yet another conservative Christian feigning moral aloofness

He writes over on the Book of Face:

Prediction: Tim Scott or Nikki Haley is the Republican nominee in 2024.

You’re dreaming. It will be some white supremacist dumbass like Cotton or some repulsive tool like Cruz. It may even be Trump again, though I hope he’s in prison or avoiding extradition by then.

Dreaming, Hoping….

Put no hope in that pack of lying predators.

I could say that about the Dems as well.

You could, but you’d be wrong. For four years, conservatives have lied to themselves that Both Sides Are Equally Bad to assuage their guilty consciences for continuing to excuse and defend the MAGA cult while pretending to keep a morally aloof distance from their complicity. It’s a lie. The Dems are Normals and, as Biden showed in his address to Congress, are trying to serve the common good. The GOP are lying, nihilist, raw predators who do not care who they rob, harm, and kill as they enrich themselves, even if they destroy our democracy to do it.

The way conservative Christians maintain this lie is with the excuse “BUT ABORTION!” The claim is that however much Dems may have agendas that comport well with the Church’s teaching on the common good, their support for abortion rights cancels everything out and makes them “just as bad” as is predatory, sadistic, nihilist thieves and killers that constitute virtually the whole of the GOP.

Bunk. The reality is that our abortion regime was created and entrenched by a SCOTUS that has been dominated by GOP appointees since 1970. Planned Parenthood funding hit its height under Trump and our abortion rate rose under him too. It’s not a case of the GOP being prolife vs. the Dems being prochoice.

It’s a case of the Dems being prochoice and in favor of a host of humane policies which reduce the pressure to abort (as well as saving lives from Pandemic, restoring the economy, helping families and fostering the common good)


The party that not only gave us and maintains our abortion regime but also adores a dimestore antichrist, robs us at every turn, denies us health care, launched a disastrous unjust war, loves torture, repeatedly destroyed the economy fosters white supremacist terror, assaults our democracy, increases our gun slaughter rate, engages in religious persecution, inflicts sadistic cruelty on refugee families and children at the border, needlessly prolongs our death penalty regime, celebrates a self-confessed sex predator while attacking his victims, criminally mismanages a Pandemic and fights good public health to kill nearly 600K Americans, and pours out an endless torrent of lies and corruption.

In short, it is an imperfect but decent party of Dems seeking the common good vs. an evil predatory party of MAGA freakishness bent on selfish, narcissistic evil and using the unborn they themselves long ago established a right to abort as human shields to do it.

The Both Sides Are the Same lie told by conservative Christians in their struggle to defend evil while appearing to emulate St. Paul’s “all have sinned” argument is one of the greatest satanic twistings of a biblical idea in US history.

Here’s the real analogy: When a patient comes in to ER with stage IV cancer and a hangnail, only a liar or a fool says that the hangnail is “just as bad” as the cancer. You focus all your energies on the cancer and forget the hangnail till the cancer is brought into remission. If the triage staff keeps insisting that the hangnail is just as serious as the cancer and keeps diverting every conversation, every treatment, every consultation, and every attempt to deal with the cancer into a struggle session over how mean and biased and liberal and (for some reason) “pro-abortion” the oncology staff is for trying to address the bloody obvious cancer they are not morally aloof. They are not impartial. They are not balanced or unbiased or fair-minded.

They are deadly complicit cranks who are part of a wilful effort to kill the patient and they need to be opposed just as much as the cancer they defend needs to be opposed.


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  1. I think the GOP is highly likely to be Ron DeSantis. Trump is out there to grift again, he’s reduced to speaking tours with canceled cable news host Bill O’Reilly.

    I’m prolife in the sense that I want Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood overturned. I do not condone the killing of the unborn. But believing that voting GOP will ever bring this about is a pipe dream in my estimation. My only hesitancy toward fully adopting the term is how it’s been dragged through the mud. The Republican leaders don’t truly fare about this. It’s a rouse to enact their other (very unchristian) policies.

    And on a subject that should be seen as related to abortion in the sense that it, too, is a life issue about children—if you’re biggest worry about refugees at the border is “they’ll ruin our culture! They don’t speak English! We must stop them at all costs so let’s break up their families to scare them!” instead of “we must care for the stranger in our midst and preach the Gospel to them”, you’ve completely lost the plot. Anyway, I often wonder if the surge in immigration to the US from Latin America over the past thirty years—immigration which has been heavily lopsided towards young families—is God redressing the balance of the increasingly anti-family, anti-child culture in this nation if which legalized abortion is but one symptom of.

    1. I never got the complaints about not speaking English. Were European immigrants in the early 20th century expected to be fluent? Many learn enough to get by and their children are eager to become fluent. I teach in a school that’s over half Hispanic and nobody is demanding we all learn Spanish and abandon anyone’s culture. Sometimes I have to go through a translator to talk to a parent or grandparent, but they’re nice as can be about me not speaking Spanish.

      1. The reason (native born) children in the US don’t leave foreign languages before middle school for the most part?

        A bunch of state passed laws in the 1910s making it illegal for schools formally teach children a foreign before the age of 13.

        The unspoken but heavily insinuated target language of these laws?

        German, of course!

        Though the idea that immigrant children aren’t going to learn English in the age of mass media is pretty preposterous. They’re going to want to (and will) consume the same media as native born kids.

      2. I work at a pretty elite school. There are four African American scholarship kids and six Hispanic kids, (who started out not speaking English really well.) All of them are doing great, and have clearly benefited by being surrounded by the children of successful parents who hold their children to a high standard.

        A few of the scholarship kids are a little hyper and highly distractible. A couple of them seem to have dyslexia as well, (reading and writing is still a big challenge) but they are all clearly bright, and totally integrated with their white peers. If the ones with dyslexia weren’t surrounded by kids that push themselves to do well, I could see where it would become a problem.

        I’ve read that a high percentage of prison inmates have dyslexia. Kids who struggle in the beginning get labeled as unintelligent. I go way out of my way to make sure that the ones with learning differences (brown and white) don’t belittle *themselves*. I can see the shame in their faces when they are struggling to keep up. I tell them stories about my kids who had to go to the reading specialist too, but ended up testing in the highest percentiles –eventually.

        I admire the parents that fight to get their kids into a much better school, but not all of them get the open door treatment. The truth of the matter is that while BLM signs are all over our liberal town–we are NIMBYs here, and redline our school districts. It keeps the property values high. So many people have fled San Francisco, that our (bedroom community) property values went up !0% last year. A few evenings ago one of my neighbors came to my door to try to get me to sign a petition against an affordable housing project. She was livid, as the apartments the city wants to build are just a stone’s throw away from multi million dollar homes.

        The same thing happened in my hometown. A Catholic school for Downs kids was being converted into affordable housing (I wonder where all of the Downs kids have gone??). The doctor’s wife from across the street went door-to-door gathering signatures to try to keep the children from the title 8 housing out of our *public* school district.

  2. Americans adore a good bully. Having a ringside seat, and betting on their man makes them feel like they are sticking it to the losers with him.

    Some of them finally saw what a coward he is at their insurrection. After pouring all that gasoline on the fire, Trump did what he always does—
    Hours and hours of it –with some burgers and fries. He excused himself so his stupendous ego could be safely stroked from a distance, but when he saw that his insurrectionists were clearly going to lose, AND were clearly the dregs of basements, (forums for the mentally ill) –instead of feeling the strokes he’d anticipated, Trump felt cheated and complained bitterly to a staffer, calling them “low quality”–not to his standards!–As if he has high standards!

    There is no hope if after that supremely embarrassing three ring circus, Republicans can stay the course remaining loyal–that their best citizen with any moral fibre was a Mormon corporate raider! IT would be rare comedy if so many people hadn’t died or been abused in the course of Trump’s flashy, pushy, nuevo riche, lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous thuggery.

    They Don’t. Care. The dupes enjoyed the show from the comfort of their livingrooms too. They don’t understand that Trump thinks they are a bunch of silly, easy to manipulate pawns.

    As if it wasn’t comical enough,did Melania ACTUALLY wear that trench coat with EXACTLY that message actually, ACTUALLY written on her back?–Because it’s almost surreal–Like the devil could brag about creating a silly Barbie mascot with the theme of the Trump presidency written on her–and good Christian folks would STILL cheer for abuse by backing the white savior.

    Yes, Screwtape actually has bragging rights–he not only pulled it off, but entertained all of hell in the process. He should feel proud.

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