The Callous Eugenics of the GQP “Prolife” Murder/Suicide Cult

Item: Neronian madman Ron DeSantis tries and fails to bully schools into callously endangering children.

Item: DeSantis nonetheless succeeds in his quest to have the highest pediatric COVD rate in the US.

Item: Other GQP-dominated states race to beat Florida in killing children with COVID.

Item: The Delta surge in adults and children is breaking the backs of health care worker and straining the health care system to the breaking point:

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Nick Judin @nickjudin Mississippi, this is where we are. Fifty beds will be installed here in a concrete garage. The federal government will send overflow medical professionals to staff it. One of the last stopgaps between Mississippi and hospital system failure.'


May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Andrea Lucia @CBS11Andrea There are now NO staffed pediatric ICU beds available in the DFW area, according to the DFW Hospital Council. It reports 73 COVID-19 pediatric patients now beino hospitalized in the area, the highest number local hospitals have ever treated at one time. @CBSDFW 1:55 PM 8/12/21 Twitter for iPhone 55 Retweets 8 Quote Tweets 67 Likes'

Item: Moral monster Marjorie Taylor Greene laffs off hospitals cracking under the strain of COVID with, “We can’t live forever.”

Item: One sample of what this looks like on the ground for ordinary people with small children is this note I got from a reader:

Pray for my son. He’s 5 and just started kindergarten here in SC where our asshole gov has prohibited mask mandated and they had a positive covid test in his classroom not even two weeks in. No masks. They’re not making him quarantine because (and I quote) he wasn’t within “3 ft of the person infected.” 3 FEET? Who came up with that? Did the virus get an excuse me, sorry to bother you variant while i wasn’t looking? I could just cry.

We both work full time for peanuts. Both state employees. 😕 No telecommuting option. Governor Clemson is specifically not supporting that anymore.

Remember: MTG is not an outlier. She speaks from and for the heart and guts of the MAGA cult. The party, everywhere it holds power, is fighting to condemn children to as much death by COVID as possible. When they lie that they care about liberty and that your unvaxed kids are “free to mask if they want”, what they deliberately ignore is that masks are not primarily about the uninfected avoiding infection, but about the infected limiting the spread. What the Cult means is that your kid should be defenseless against reckless, selfish adults sending their infected child into the classroom to infect and kill your kid. And if your kid can’t get into a hospital, tough. If they be like to die, they had better do it and help decrease the surplus population.

It’s a plan that’s working well so far:

Remember when they lied their heads off about “death panels” in order to battle universal health care? It was always a projective lie, like all the other projective lies they perpetually tell. This antichrist cult is fundamentally a eugenics lie machine that believes in killing the weak and poor for the sake of raw nihilist power while hiding behind the unborn (whom they also betray to their deaths in the wombs of mothers they recklessly infect with COVID while prattling about “freedom” and “not living in fear”).


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  1. Who woulda thunk that the antiabortion industry would actually be indifferent about murdering babies, children, or anyone else? You would almost think that the whole thing has been a scam for over 50 years, at the least.

    1. Easy to check. If there’s, anywhere in the whole organisation, a sales manager and sales targets, indifference to murder is a feature.

      1. @ arteveLde

        If I’m understanding you correctly, than what I have commented before is highly relevant. I can’t speak for Belgium, or even Europe, but I can speak for the United States. Whenever there are large antiabortion conventions, there is the usual round of suspects, like Abbie Johnson— Incidentally, allegedly Covid positive in treating herself with horse paste and sunlight and proud enough of it – who are happy to give a speech to rally the troops and preach to the choir for a mere $10,000 a pop. Cheap at HALF the price, I always say.

        You can bet that that $10,000 is not going to help a woman carry her fetus to term. Mrs. Johnson has eight kids To feed, and quite a waistline.

      2. @ Ben

        Yes, Ben, money is the root of all evil, and this is definitely not true for just the USA.

        From today’s Guardian ”UK food firms beg ministers to let them use prisoners to ease labour shortages”

        As one Reddit commenter remarked ”anything to avoid paying a decent wage”.

    2. This is how it stacks up for them:

      “All life is sacred–but that doesn’t mean it has to be on my dime. Anchor babies should be illegal–we’ll get to them after we’ve thrown those so-called Dreamers out. They were raised by criminals.”

      “Mexicans are wonderful–but white culture is clearly superior”

      “Armando is such a love, he’s always smiling when he’s doing the lawn. I slip him a twenty every year at Christmas. I’ve never asked him if he’s legal because it’s none of my business.”

      “Brown people are interesting–but I prefer them on the pages of my National Geographic magazine collection, when my cruise ship drops anchor on the Mayan Riviera, and when Rick Steves is forced to head south because he has run out of cute Bavarian villages to get spanked in.”

      “I’ve been sending my annual $20 donation to Judy Brown for almost 50 years now”. –We’ve struggled for the babies for so long! We’ll never give up!”

      “Real Americans know what hard work means! America for real Americans! This is our country! Stop the steal!”

      There’d be a billion dollars in that hedge fund if all those tens and twenties earmarked for the babies hadn’t gone to feed the families of pro-lifers.

      1. Tee-hee!

        “ “I’ve been sending my annual $20 donation to Judy Brown for almost 50 years now”. –We’ve struggled for the babies for so long! We’ll never give up!”

        Funny, because I actually met someone who gave $50 every year. 1/10 of 1/2% of their income. Contrast that with a news story back in the prop. 8 fight about the Mormon contribution. Some were actually mortgaging their houses to pay for beating up on gay people. I wonder why I’ve never heard them offer to do the same for abortion?

  2. I can’t understand why they want to kill their own people. I understand that there are people in the world who are easily misled, and even that there are stupid people, but the people who prey on that are monstrous.

    I had a longish conversation the other day with a lovely woman that I know from church. She just dropped her two sons off at college in TN (we’re in NJ) and she’s naturally feeling sentimental. And a little worried too because of course, they’re not vaccinated and neither is she, mostly because she’s afraid of side effects, because everyone knows that these vaccines concentrate in the reproductive organs and cause permanent problems.

    And I know for certain that some of that crap comes from Catholic social media, and I know for certain that there are people in Catholic social media who lie ALL THE TIME and I have no words for my fury.

    And I am so sad for her, and for people like her. And I am praying for her and her family because that, at least, I can do.

    1. Those in Catholic social media who simultaneously lie all the time *and* continually scorn mercy while extolling justice have either given themselves wholly to Satan .. or they haven’t thought this trough.

  3. So, here is the epitome of MAGAtry. Dennis Prager today. At this point, I am officially out of fooks to give. Let them die.

    Why should doctors be any better than lawyers, or professors, or any other group that has disgraced itself in American life? There’s no reason. Doctors have the same degree of wisdom as gender studies professors. The issue isn’t medical knowledge. The issue is wisdom and courage

    “Your doctor knows nothing about COVID, nothing. All they know is how the virus works, that’s all they know. It is an amazing thing that listening to this show, of a non-doctor, you have learned more about COVID, more about masks, than your doctor probably knows.

    “Not only is it not a boast, it is totally meant to be an attack on the medical profession. I should not know ten times more than your doctor about all of the issues with therapeutics.

    “And if your doctor thinks ivermectin is dangerous, change your doctor. And I mean it. Might be a nice guy, go golfing with him, or her. But check out another doctor.” – Dennis Prager, on today’s show.

    1. @ Ben

      I took a look at TX’s own Dan Cranshaw’s Twitter today. Apparently the culture war is going to be won by this thing called ”victor mentality”, which probably not coincidentally, is also going to make the Taliban shudder in fear, because he suggested the right strategy for Biden is to throw a few expletives at them.

      These people have exchanged brains for bravado, truth for nonsense, and determination for loudness, and their only defense is that somewhere, out there, is a lesbian gender studies professor with purple hair that might be even more idiotic than they themselves.

      1. If that lesbian gender studies professor with purple hair is vaccinated, then no, she is not more idiotic than they are, regardless of what they might think.
        – joel

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