A couple of weeks ago I did a panel discussion on Catholic Faith and Progress

And here it is! Enjoy!

I was somewhat taken aback by Dr. Farrow’s surprising notion that vaccination would somehow lead to the state telling us how to gravel our driveways, as well as by his strange claim that the vaccine will end all pandemics. But I got to put in my two cents, so I was mostly happy with how it went. Thanks to Brendan Stevens and Pete Copeland for a fun time!


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  1. Huh? What’s wrong with the state having regulations for how to gravel driveways? Water permeability is serious issue.

    1. Are you a civil engineer? Because that strikes me as the kind of thing a nerdy civil engineer would say.
      (I mean that in a positive way.)
      – joel

      1. @ Joel, Ben

        I am not a civil engineer. Ben is right though. I don’t live *in* flood zone exactly, since I live on a sandy plateau overlooking the Maas valley, but the flood zones are too close for comfort.
        Besides, flooding is not the only issue. We are a densely populated country, and filling up the place with concrete makes for drastically shrinking ground water levels. You need rain infiltrating into the soil, in order to slowly replenish those as people use a lot of water in summer.

      2. @ Ben

        That made me laugh hard btw. ”A man with a drive way living in the Low Countries’ flood zone” is uncannily accurate.

      1. As Archie said to Nero Wolfe, when Archie used ‘contact’ as a verb, and Wolfe said “‘contact’ isn’t a verb” – Archie replied, “It is now.”

  2. But, but, the state *does* regulate the paving of driveways, and the placement of septic systems, and maintains storm drains and so forth. And ought to.

    Good Lord, does anybody think that it’s a good idea for people to do septic systems just anyhow? Or that the drainage in your backyard doesn’t affect your next door neighbor, like specifically her basement and whether it floods? Libertarian ground water management is not a funny idea.

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