Gloria Purvis does the work of a prophet

She is a gift to the Church:


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  1. She’s great. I started following her on Instagram.

    When she states the obvious, it’s not even a complicated argument, but you are left with this feeling of shock about all of the bs that was normalized by our country and the Church here–for so long.

    I also felt a small measure of relief that a bunch of the stuff that made church cringe worthy when I was a kid, had nothing to do with God, and everything to do with bad taste–which has nothing to do with actual Catholicism.

    I’ll bet her church in St. Charles is more lively than mine. Somber, waspy catholic churches populated by old white people that look like they’ve been sucking lemons for decades would drive even Mother Teresa away. (Remember the shock on her face about the sad old white people that she met at rest homes in England?–There was no joy. She called it the worst poverty she’d ever encountered.

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