The Exodus: Did it Happen?

Jimmy Akin has a fun show where he looks at all kinds of spooky arcana. In this episode, he takes a look at the evidence for the Exodus, which is better than you think:


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  1. Before posting this video, did Mr. Akin run it by any scholars of ancient Egypt? I want to know before I decide whether it’s worth watching.
    – joel

      1. YouTube is a terrible place to go to learn things. Perhaps you have noticed the problem. If not, search “flat earth” on YT and get an eye-opener.
        I am VERY selective about whose videos I follow for factual information. “Three blue one brown” is an excellent YT channel for math nerdery, because the producers vet their content with actual mathematicians before posting. PBS Eons and PBS Space Time both do the same for their areas.
        I’m no expert on ancient Egypt, but I do know that an “escape” from Egypt to Canaan any time 1500-1100BC would have been rather pointless, because Canaan was part of the Egyptian Empire then. If Mr. Akin says otherwise, he had better back it up with high-powered scholarship – like, cite a wide array of experts on the topic explaining exactly what all the other experts are missing. Show us what has been published in peer-reviewed journals of archeology that back him up.
        Does he do that? I need to know before I spend 78 minutes listening to him.
        – joel

  2. I am less concerned with if it happened in that literal way, and more concerned about what it means. I am an amateur egypt historian. The time of the exodus when it did happen around the time of the bronze age collapse. There were trade networks in the Mediterranean. Some kind of pandemic happened which may have caused the collapse. In that cecile demille movie, you see a Sardinian soldier. The Sardinians did serve the Egyptians. The Sardiniams were the mysterious sea people. The Egyptians did make a treaty with the Ethiopians. Some people think the Nile was seen as the mirror of the milky way and the pyramids are the belt of orion. The gods were associated to the constellations. Some people think the climate was different a long time ago. The sphinx was once leo the lion. The same gods are also seen in gobekli tepe in Turkey and even back to the cave paintings. Joseph’s Egyptian name means the god speaks and the new born child lives. That alludes to the story of the god born from the lotus out of the waters of chaos.

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