A Day Late, But Definitely Not a Dollar Short

Fr. Casey Cole is one of the great signs of hope to me in the Church. Everything I have seen from him is solid. This is a terrific little talk that speaks the truth. Enjoy!


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  1. He’s not afraid to point out that there *are* structures of racism. He’s also not afraid to point out that Joe Biden’s position on abortion is wrong. On top of that, and perhaps even more worthy of respect than not succumbing to partisanship in these times, he’s not afraid to show being emotionally and mentally vulnerable online. Most of us are so .. heroic .. online.

    I like him.

  2. I’ve been watching Fr. Casey’s content on YouTube for a few years now. He’s been blessed with fortitude and an asbestos habit. I don’t think I could endure all the oblivious reactionaries.

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