On the Annual Kabuki of “Prolife” Performative Piety that is the so-called “March for Life”…

…it is worth noting that the godless babykilling libs at the New York Times are the ones trying to save the lives of unborn children by reporting on the actual science of COVID with respect to the dangers to pregnancy:

It’s a mystery, I know, given that all good MAGA Christians constantly declare that liberals just want to kill as many babies as possible and only Good Conservative Christians care enough to save them (and prove it every year by doing the March for Life Ritual to prove their bona fides).

But the mystery gets even stranger, because the simple fact is that the so-called “prolife” movement has become, with the exception of those people who actually hold to a consistent ethic of life, a heretical cult of death at war with both the Church and the human race and committed to using the unborn as human shields for all its pathological selfishness, spite, cruelty, greed, and contempt for human life.

Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Time was when the “prolife” movement declared that if they could save just one human life, it was worth it. Now the MAGA Death Cult could not care less about killing children, born or unborn, if it inconveniences them. Their marches and prayers are just performance art so they can be seen by each other and tell each other they are the Righteous. Indeed, they are now wilfully turning the so-called “March for Life” into spiteful super-spreader event where a Murder/Suicide Cult deliberately does all in its power to increase Pandemic–in between laughing at the sickness and death of those they hate:

Meanwhile, their victims need our prayers:


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  1. Two thoughts, first, the pro life March has gotten strange, I actually stopped taking my kids because I didn’t think it was sending the right message of a total life, I’ve agreed with you for a while that more has to be done to address what causes woman to be in that situation, second, on Covid, I think Omnicron has changed things, look at New Zealand and Australia, those two countries were the most locked down, and now both are essentially Speeding up the Spread, it’s an airborne virus, so there’s very little we can do anyway, it’s more important than ever to make sure we focus on mental health of kids, even at risk of Omnicron, there’s no way to keep everything perfectly safe without ruining other parts of life, look at riding bikes, Google for yourself the amount of hospitalization from bikes every year, I was hospitalized for days as an 8 year old for a terrible bike accident but I’d never trade not riding a bike, my parents knew there was a risk, you have to live

      1. I’m saying something completely different, every time someone says like Britian just did, that its time to move on, you get accused of minimizing Covid, which isn’t what I said at all, of course its incredibly serious, that’s why I pointed out getting vaxed, and that Omnicron is different, that’s what Faucci said yesterday, we are in a different place, and there are trade offs in life, societys have always understood that, all I’m saying is that kids are suffering, and isolation is very dangerous, especially for them

  2. What good to marches do these days?

    Not being facetious. Hundreds or even thousands of people gathering and waving signs … does it REALLY affect change? Or does it get you on the news and make you feel like you’re making a difference?

    The most recent example: The Black Lives Matter movement. What did all the marches and protests accomplish? What lasting change did they bring about?

    I’m not suggesting this country doesn’t need change. I am very skeptical that marches and protests are at all effective in bringing about any change.

    1. Derek Chauvin is in prison today. Other officers have surely taken note.

      That’s what marches accomplish.

      – joel

      1. So all those thousands of people marched, and they put one offender in jail. And that is progress??? Systemic racism hasn’t gone away. It is still a serious problem. I’m just not convinced that marches and protests are going to affect lasting change.

        It’s also a little scary if that is the way of justice. Derek Chauvin should be in jail because he is guilty and was convicted in a court of law, not because a protest demanded his conviction. That sounds scarily close to mob rule.

      2. In the absence of those marches Derek Chauvin would not only be a free man today but would still be a cop, a menace to everyone around him. I assume you have seen the press release from the MPD the day after the killing:


        The MPD had no intention of holding anyone accountable for Floyd’s death, and the county attorney was willing to go along. The only reason Chauvin was charged at all was that when the public saw video of the incident thousands and thousands of outraged citizens took to the streets, and then the prosecutors figured they had better do something.

        This is how justice moves forward: a little at a time. I’m surprised to see you making these arguments so soon after we all remembered MLK. Call it “mob rule” if you want, but he called it something different.

        – joel

    2. Marches and protests, at least in the case, for example, of George Floyd’s killing, have done a lot to raise awareness, all over the world, of the injustices suffered by African Americans in your country, Such a raise in awareness has probably contributed to dissipating some of the indifference, and less indifference will probably mean, in the future, more pressures for change. Admittedly, the whole process of change may, or will, take a long time, but it is important for the process to have been started somehow.

  3. Mssr. Shea,
    Pardon me but your name-calling is ineffective and wrong. Your sweeping monikers of people of good will is beyond reason. Please stop it.

  4. The NIna Totenberg story has been refuted in a joint statement by Gorsuch and Sotomayer. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/neil-gorsuch-sonia-sotomayor-masks-supreme-court/2022/01/19/7977831a-7946-11ec-9102-d65488c31bb1_story.html Do you really think Sotomayer would have signed her name to that, and affirmed her friendship with Gorsuch, it it were not true? In your zeal to condemn the MAGA Death Cult (which, God knows, deserves it) you make the equal and opposite mistake of believing the Progressive cult of lies.

    1. I gather you didn’t actually read the WaPo article you linked. It does not refute Totenberg’s story. The statements from the Supremes in response to her story are carefully crafted not to directly refute it, and WaPo notes this. NPR stands by Totenberg’s story.

      – joel

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