The Fathomless Self-Pity of the Anti-Vax Cult

Boston has a new common sense policy:

Of course, this was instantly greeted with an absolutely typical bit of self-absorbed sociopathic narcissism over at Facebook:

Looks like 1930’s Germany and the Star of David.

It is a credit to the Jewish people that every Jew who hears such filthy self-pitying exploitation of the agonies of their parents and grandparents does not immediately punch every mouth that dares to say things like that.

I said as much to the person who wrote this, adding,

“Having to show some consideration for the health of other people is exactly like being gassed and incinerated” is something so intensely juvenile and selfish that only an American conservative Christian of the early 21st century could say it. And when people laugh in your face with scorn and disgust, only your sect of self-pitying bullies could believe yourselves persecuted for that richly deserved response.

To which the person responsible for the outrage doubled down with still more self-pity:

Does an unvaccinated person still have the right to hold a job to support their families and food if they are poor? The demand for proof of vaccination to have a job or go to a restaurant is creating an underclass so to speak without the same rights the vaccinated have.

The selfish do not have a right to spread disease to the innocent and vulnerable. Unless there is a legit medical reason somebody cannot be vaccinated, the rest of us do not owe people like you a job or the right to come into public spaces and infect the vulnerable. Grow up.


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  1. Sane people should just stop wearing pants. Anywhere. All the time. The grocery store. The symphony. In line at McDonald’s. Starbuck’s. No pants. You can’t oppress me with your fashion sense! It got rights! Pants are uncomfortable and you can’t make me wear them! Fight the tyranny of pants!

    I’ll put my pants back on as soon as the crazy people get vaccinated and wear a mask in public spaces. Until then… it’s on!

    Who’s with me?

  2. Actually it looks like Germany 2021. I was in Berlin last December and you need proof of vaccination or documented recent recovery to go into many places including restaurants. The locals had their information on the cell phone and businesses have bar code readers to confirm the info is real.

  3. Yeah, just like 1930s Germany–except that the Nazis were gearing up to exterminate people while Boston is trying to save their lives. Serious question: why do you waste your time reading such dreck and responding to such people? Do any of them ever modify their views based on your input. That would be a good reason, but has it ever happened?

    1. What Mark said. I ignore young-Earth creationists, flat Earthers, 9-11 truthers and the like. Most conspiracy theorists are harmless and may be safely ignored.

      But antivaxxers are actually killing people. Always correct them, always counter them with the truth.

      – joel

  4. I’ve been reading an excellent book called “Anti-Vaxxers” by Jonathan Berman. It was written durig 2018-19, though in the preface he comments about the current pandemic. He makes the point – clearly true in the case, at least, of one of my children – that, though anti-vaxxers produce all sort of evidence towards their views, these are basically smokescreen. The motivations are personal, and political.

  5. There is one thing, and one thing only that makes me go to my classroom every day: the vaccine. I’m triple vaxxed and many of the kids have been immunized.

    — it is not just the flu when 2000 Americans are dying every day.

    About 1/2 of our class has now come down with Covid. It happened so fast. The spread among the students shows that the 6 feet (their desks) is real.

    I wouldn’t take the risk of being in there without the gift of scientific advancements which indicate that the risk is worth it. And really, REALLY, it is so worth it to be there with the students because of the gifted scientists that gave that GIFT back to teachers.

    My hat is off to them.

    Life. is. about. simbiosis. (Think: readings from the mass last Sunday (!)

  6. > “Having to show some consideration for the health of other people is exactly like being gassed and incinerated” is something so intensely juvenile and selfish that
    > _only an American conservative Christian of the early 21st century_
    > could say it. And when people laugh in your face with scorn and disgust, only your sect of self-pitying bullies could believe yourselves persecuted for that richly deserved response.

    Not only American, not only conservative, not only Christian and not only in the early 21st century.

    Here in Poland we have a lot of proof to the contrary. A lot of Polish people intensely hating the Church and all of Christianity, emphatically *not* conservative, have been holding these views for years, even though it has only recently had the chance to come to the surface.

    There is a personal and political motivation behind it and it could just as well be spread by radically right-wing and radically Christian media and political outlets, but truth be told, the left, the liberals, the anticlericals, the atheists all have a huge problem with anti-vaxxers in their midst.

    They will downplay all advantages of getting vaccinated and will blow any (true or not) reservations way out of any sensible proportion, but anti-vaxxers are no longer only the domain of the conservative and/or Christian and/or science-distrustful mindset.

    The fact that there are so many anti-vaxxers among the, supposedly, enlightened (or at least science-driven) factions must have come as a huge surprise to them, because one thing they could always count on among people who subscribe to their point of view was scientism.

    It must be frustrating to find that a lot of secular intellectuals started to distrust science and are actively dissuading people from getting vaccinated, and people they made fun of (elderly churchgoers) were the first ones to sign up for the shot.

    What happened is that scientific arguments are not carrying that debate, at least not exclusively. “Independent thought” does. People don’t like to be coerced to do anything and they start believing conspiracy nonsense because the narrative feels so true. Once they start believing, it’s hard for them to break out of this mindset.

    1. Do you think national pride would help? i.e. a vaccine developed and made in Poland? I think this was a missed opportunity here in the US. The first vaccine approved here was Pfizer, which was good, after all we had a vaccine. But the second vaccine approved was the Moderna, which, although not the first approved, had a better protection rate, and was easier to distribute. But here’s more to the story: while Pfizer is a huge, international conglomerate, which I believe is German in origin, Moderna is a small, American startup. It is a quintessential American story. This is what I think was missed over here in the telling of the vaccine story. It is unfortunate that large swathes of the political class over here actively align with pseudoscience, untruth and lies.

  7. I think its somewhat telling that whenever they have to reach for an analogy for their so-called persecution, they always go with something that happened to another group. You would think that with the constant amount of grievances they put out, they would have a steady stream of readily available examples showcasing their own.

    I’m pretty sure that by after this is all done and over with, none of the people making a fuss now will look back and say, “wow, this bad thing that is happening right now is as bad as those vaccine mandates we had back in the day!” Nope, its always going to be comparisons to things that happened to historically oppressed groups they have nothing to do with.

    Its as if they know deep down that they’re not being oppressed at all, so they have to appropriate someone else’s oppression.

    1. And given that so many of them actually march under the banner of the swastika or passionately adore a man who says those who do are “very fine people”, the reality is that much of this is projection of their own dark desire to oppress on to their victims.

  8. Why get the vaccine if you can still get covid and still transmit covid? If your vaccinated why do you care if I am, if the vaccine works so well?

    1. Because being vaxed radically reduces you chances of getting the disease, radically reduces the effects of the disease if you catch it, and radically reduced the viral load you carry and the length of time you carry it, so that you are far less like to infect others. That means you are also far less likely to wind up hogging somebody’s else’s hospital bed. Think about other people. It’s called “loving your neighbor”.

      And it’s not that hard to figure out:

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