“Mass Formation Psychosis” and Right Wing Panics du Jour

Conservative media, having utterly abandoned the good of the intellect and now being guided entirely by lies and fear, has only a limited and repetitive set of tools in its mental tool kit.

First, like Satan, it accuses those it hates of precisely its own vices. Every time right wing media accuse somebody, it is a confession of its own darkest desires and sins.

Second, because it has no good to propose (again like Satan) and therefore cannot say, “We’re just as good as you!” it instead always seeks to tear down by accusing, “You’re just as bad as we are!” to its victims. Hence it continually offers “Both Sides are the Same” lies to claim that Normals are Just as Bad as the right wing predators and monsters it always defends.

Third, because it has no goods to offer and must needs keep its pawns and lackeys from thinking lest they realize they are being manipulated, it never tries to motivate to virtue and constantly has to generate new stampedes by means of a torrent of fake outrage and dumb fearmongering.

A recent sample of that was the sudden emergence of a totally made up term: “Mass Formation Psychosis” that was downloaded into the brains of the MAGA cult via an interview between Joe Rogan and some guy named Robert Malone.

What is “Mass Formation Psychosis”? It is literally nothing. It does not exist. It is a term Malone just made up and pronounced to an audience of right wing suckers in a sonorous tone that convinced them they were hearing Real Truth from an expert with Important Hair.

Malone and Rogan quickly spread to the cult the new slogan for declaring that anybody who takes the Pandemic seriously and takes sane public health measure is exactly the same as a Nazi wanting to gas Jews:

According to Malone, the condition occurs when a society “becomes decoupled from each other and has a free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense… And then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis.”

He added: “They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere… They will follow that person – it doesn’t matter whether they lie to them or whatever, the data are irrelevant.”

The Cult instantly got the message too:

Result: Precisely the MAGA cultists who cheer for those marching under the banner of the swastika and fight to make sure a million Americans are dead from Pandemic by June accuse their victims of what they themselves do. And in the very act of spreading the claim that Normals who look out for their neighbors are “hypnotized” and incapable of independent thought, they regurgitate lies and jargon fed them by a right wing lie machine and stampede off parroting a made up term that describes not the behavior of their victims, but their own behavior.


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  1. Libertarianism always was the one ideology most suited to the malleable mind of a toddler. A freethinking, totally unique and self-reliant toddler. I’ll take Prussian subordination to the state over this twaddle any day.

    1. Eastern European communism was a miserable system, but it at least put the fear of the Lord into Western capitalists, which gave us things like the New Deal and the welfare state. Since 1989 we’ve been living in TINA-capitalism. Greed is good, and selfishness the ultimate virtue.

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