The Susceptibility of the MAGA “Prolife” Heresy to Racist Fertility Cult Rhetoric

A few years ago, one of the big noises on the MAGA Catholic Right, Fr. Richard Heilman, posted this cartoon as a glorious testament to “prolife” values:

The problem was, it was not about being being prolife. It was titled “This is how we save the West” and it was about celebrating white supremacy and the breeding of a Master Race by a notorious Alt Right cartoonist.

By no coincidence at all, a bunch of these Nazis showed up at the recent March for Life in DC:

Some in the MAGA cult will lie that white supremacists show up at the March for Life “to make us look bad” but there are two points to be made about that “No True MAGA” claim.

The first is that when Nazis marched in Charlottesville, the leader of the MAGA cult hailed again and again by “prolife” leaders as “the most prolife president in history” said the people marching under the banner of the swastika were “very fine people” not leaders of a false flag operation.

The second is that Nazis never show up to march under the illusion they will be welcomed as kindred spirits by, say, any civil rights marches. But (as the signs again make clear) they know that if they sell their racial blood and soil purity schtick as “family values” huge percentages of “prolife” MAGA cultists will not be able to tell the difference between Christian respect for human life and their racist, pagan, fertility cult filth.

That is why the MAGA “prolife” cult falls down in adoration of an anti-semitic moron like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who famously attributed forest fires to Jewish Space Lasers,

or Lauren Boebert, and who recently suggested Jews were touring Washington DC to do “reconnaissance” (days after a terrorist threatened lives at a synagogue):

The MAGA “prolife” heresy, having abandoned the actual theological basis for a coherent position that upholds the dignity of every human person from conception to natural death and wholly given itself over to the nihilist pursuit of power at any cost, has (with the exception of those who hold a consistent ethic of life) given itself up to a racist fertility cult that either overlooks or passionately embraces racial fertility cult rhetoric. If it does not recover the actual theological basis for support for all life from conception to natural death, namely the imago dei in each human person, it will continue to follow the pied pipers of racist fertility cults to utter destruction.


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  1. In the 80’s, when the extreme of the pro-life movement resorted to violence and abortion clinic bombings, the pro-life movement found the fortitude and wisdom to expel that sort from the movement. As a result, the amount of abortion clinic violence decreased dramatically. Anyone who promoted something like that was very quickly a persona non-grata in the movement.

    It is most definitely a sign of its corruption and weakness that there are a number of extremist types who are allowed to hang around it unrebuked (or at least unrebuked to the degree they continue to hang around). How sad.

    1. Deke,

      I second that. In the ’80’s I took part in a few abortion clinic protests with Operation Rescue. I can vouch that their leaders, in all of their communications to us, were offended and outraged that violent people were trying to corrupt the movement. The fact that the current anti-abortion leadership is tolerating white supremacists in their midst speaks volumes.

      Although it may be that the movement has pretty much run its course and doesn’t matter anymore. Roe will fall this summer.

      – joel

  2. There is another clue in the cartoon. The mother is portrayed in clingy, sexy clothing. Objectified. I care very little about “immodest” clothing, but Fr. Heilman has probably said a few things on the subject in his time. The picture tells a story about how they want their women.

    1. And I see a pregnant woman in a sundress out with her family, a dress I see on women of all shapes, sizes, and ages on a hot summer day (or everyday here in the desert). Nothing clingy or sexy – ask Simcha what she thinks about the dress. If it weren’t for the context it was in, there would be nothing unusual, provocative or right wing about it.

  3. AF means something else. And he knows it. He thinks he’s being cute –promoting “real” America as “white AF”.

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